any news on Indian Stripe potato leaf?

bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)February 5, 2014

Hi everyone --

I can't seem to find any recent info on the Indian Stripe potato leaf strain. Most recent posts on other sites are from a couple years ago. Possible seeds available soon? From where?


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

The seeds for Indian Stripe, PL, have been available for several years now. I received the PL one from B. Burkett of Alabama several years ago and have SSE listed it and offerered seeds for it for the past several years for it in my annual seed offer elsewhere. And it was offered in my current 2014 seed offer, now closed

Since Tania only lists the RL one I don't know which seed companies might also list it.

Below is a Google search for IS, PL, perhaps you'll find a source there.

Carolyn, who notes that everyone who got seeds for it from my seed offer did get the correct PL. Not surprising since IS is a version of Cherokee Purple and there are two PL versions of that one and also a heart version of CH Purple as well as a heart version of IS. The seeds of IS heart I initially offered did not germinate well, so I deleted it from my seed offer. Perhaps I'll ask one of the folks who does seed production for me to regrow it this summer, since being in this walker I can no longer do my own growouts and seed production.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indian Stripe PL

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bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)

Thank you, Carolyn. Despite lots of searching, I can only seem to locate the regular leaf. I'm not expecting to grow it this this point I'm trying to collect seed for next year. Hopefully some enterprising soul will collect lots of seed this year!

Best wishes!


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In case you decide to get your seeds this year, here are the suppliers that Tania's Tomato Base has for Indian Stripe, PL.


Diane's Flower Seeds - new
Gleckler Seedmen
Heritage Tomato Seed - new
J&L Gardens Seed
Tomato Growers Supply
Victory Seed Company

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Although I typed PL in on my Google search, I guess I didn't notice that what came up was NOT PL. In researching the suppliers, it doesn't look as if they are selling the PL Indian Stripe, but only the RL - sigh!


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Linda, I think it's always best to check tania's website first when it comes to info about tomato seed info availability as well as traits for specific varieties, and she now has pages for over 4,000 varieties, 99% OP's,not F1 hybrids, her choice.When one does searches via Google you probably got sent to Tania's page for it which is the RL normal version, despite your typing PLin the Google search.

I've distributed lotsof PL seeds for it, but I don't think many at the other site where I always make my offer and spend most of my time, participate here at GW these days.

There was a big migration of folks from GW to elsehere in 2006 when the other site opened, b'c it was getting real nasty here at the time.

Each year I send my best new varieties to several seed sites for trial, where I've known the owners for a very long time and maybe I can send some seeds of the PL version to some of them at the same time if I have enough seeds left.


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Hi Carolyn,

Yup. Should have gone directly to Tania's site instead of using Google.

I do hope you will send some seeds of PL IS to some of your fav. sellers, It's received such favourable reviews that it's on my grow list for next year!


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kathyb912_in (5a/5b, Central IN)(5a/5b)

What's the difference between the two strains, other than the obvious change in leaf shape? Is there an advantage to growing one versus the other?


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Kathy, those who have grown both the RL and PL versions, they are not strains, of Indian Stripe have found no difference other than the mutation to PL from the normal RL.

The same is true for Kellogg's Breakfast, which is RL and KBX which is the PL version of KB.

There are some, and I'm one of them, who beleive that PL foliage is more tolerant of the fungal and bacterial foliage diseases. Others find, so they say, that PL versions of RL's, b'c there are others as well, such as the normal RL foliage of Cherokee Purple, as opposed to the several PL versions of it, that the puckered ridges of PL foliage seem to trap foliage pathogens.

The only way that someone will know what's best for them when there are PL and RL versions of a specific variety,, is to grow both in the same season with no variables between the two.

Finally, there are some who think that PL foliage is beautiful and in general prefer to grow varieties with PL foliage for that reason alone.


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About 20, or more, people received Indian Stripe PL in the tomato round robin swap. Several received the RL, along with the PL. Hopefully there will be some feedback this summer.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

What is the significance of the shape/form/type of the leaf ?


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bcfromfl(z8a NW FL)

I found a couple references, somewhere, that growers of the PL felt that there was better performance and taste from it, although, as Carolyn says, one would have to grow both side-by-side to be sure.

Also, the Indian Stripe in general is felt to be superior to Cherokee Purple because it is both earlier and more productive, in addition to tasting better (among some palates). That would be especially important for me, because our season is so short.


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