Help, sick eugenia plant!

slothbrApril 3, 2009

Hello, i bought this eugenia pyriformis(uvalha) and when i planted into soil it stunted growth(my soil is clay that drains well, ph 6,5 to 7,0 and it gets sun), and top new leaves become pale yellow, after months the rains came and i fertilized with npk and extreme slowly it gave new leaves that appeared little than normal and pale yellow, now it appears stunted again and dont respond to npk, please help me fix this , im ulpoading 4 images, the link to them are I also have an italian cypress that show this symphtons , its is stunted for 3 years . Thanks a lot.

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Did you untangle the roots before you planted it? Sometimes a plant's roots wrap around the tap root and strangle it. I would dig it up, check that the roots are free, and ammend the soil with some perlite or coarse sand. Don't fertilize a sick plant - find out what's wrong and get that fixed before giving it nutrients it can't take up through it's non-working roots. You can take it to a grower's nursery or your local extension office for a diagnosis and hands-on advice.

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Yep, i have untangled, the roots are free. I've noticed that the soil where this plant are stays a lot more humid than my others plant's soil that has plants with same age and botanic genus., its like you said , the roots appears to be not-active. Can it be caused by a fungal disease? the old leaves appears to be good.

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