cherimoya seedlings

marinfla(10 South Florida)January 2, 2011

Has anyone had experience with growing Cherimoya from seed?

I was told by a knowledgeable person that the seedlings most probably would never flower or produce fruit because the seeds came from a fruit that was most likely irradiated before shipping for pest control. Unfortunately I can't remember now if they came from California or outside of the USA. I guess when they get bigger I could always try to get a scion of a nice variety and use the seedlings for root stock. Thoughts from the gallery????

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If the seeds werent viable from irradiation they wouldnt sprout. If they sprouted it should fruit.

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all my cherimoyas are from seed, never had a germination issue. too young to flower yet...

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caiden(HI, 11)

They would only be irradiated if shipped from another country (or Hawaii.) But mango is right; if the seeds were sterilized by radiation, they wouldn't germinate and produce plants at all. Seedlings will take awhile to flower/fruit, though. I have some little cherimoya seedlings at the moment.

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