cold tolerance of elephant ears and bannana plants.

stanc(5)April 3, 2009

In my basement I have 12 pot's of emephant ears and 5 bannana plants in pots.

They all survived so far !

I would like to move them out side and have a shed that I built with a poly roof.

It warms up nice but cools off quick when clouldy or at night.

I can put a small electric heater in it at night but don.t want to go broke heating it.

I thought that 50 degrees was about the lower limit for elephant ears and bannanas

. The bannas are a dwarf cavendih,red leaf and 3 Musa basjoo.

Do I need to harden them off?

Please help


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50F is the limit for them to actually be actively growing, but they will certainly survive at lower temps. To be safe, keep them above about 38F because even at that air temp you can get a frost which will damage the leaves.

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I agree, bannanas survive quite well in low temperatures, as long as they have humid air, but don´t expect them to grow, flower or have any fruit. I think you should give them tropical temperatures, even if there is a cloudy day, I´ve seen them grow in very poor light conditions.
Hope to be helpful.

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My Banana's (Musa Basjoo) were fine outside this year and came back beautifully. I would say try to keep them above freezing. I did have 2 pups I put in my greenhouse, and they grew slowly all winter. The one outside died back and came back in the spring. My Dwarf Cavendish, I overwintered in the house, will put on my deck over the summer in a pot. I lost a Ice Cream Banana to cold, and none of my EE's made it. So I'm having to change up the EE plan this year. But as long as you don't drop below freezing, you should be fine. We had an unusually cold winter here this year, quite a few nights in the teens and even single digits.

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