My small avocado tree dying!

malt_gardenerApril 17, 2009

Hello everyone, I live in Broward county, South Florida.

I bought 10 months ago a 4 feet tall Miguel Persea Americana Avocado tree (HomeDepot) and I planted it in my backyard (Full sun exposure). It kept the same leaves, no new growth until about 3 months ago, it lost all its leaves and about 6 weeks ago it began to bud again, getting many leaves growing out of the green stalk.

Unfortunately, since a month ago I started noticing that the top buds were dying, and now at least 30% of the top buds/leaves are dying. I believe I saw a bit of grayish dust on the buds. I dag around the roots to see if maybe I was watering too much but it seems to be fine and the roots seem to be healthy.

Does anyone knows how to stop it from dying? Any ideas? On the same part of my backyard I have a Cogshall mango, a Muscadine grape, a Guava tree and

a Honey Bell orange that are doing well, same watering practice, etc.

Thank you in advance.

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There is a virus called 'Laurel wilt' that is killing bay trees, avocados and others that are in the Lauraceae family. There is no known cure that I have heard of. This tree should not disposed of with your other garden trash.

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Thank you for your reply. Hopefully it is not Laurel Wilt.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mabe you could cut all the affected area, and sterilize the wounds. This has worked pretty well to some of my trees with similar symphtoms, but I have never tried on an avocado tree. Good luck.

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