Fragrant tree for ID

tropical_philippinesApril 8, 2010


I've been bothered by this fragrant tree in my neighborhood which has a powerful sweet fragrance but with a heavy base note to its scent which gives me a headache. At first I thought the fragrance was from my michelia alba but when I recognized the same fragrance when I went to another place, I instantly recognized it as coming from this same tree.

Please help me identify this fragrant tree.

Tree structure:

Close up of fragrant flowers:

Anybody can help me ID this fragrant tree? Thanks in advance!


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Agalia Odorata

Here is a link that might be useful: is this it?

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That looks like some kind of cedar tree.
Perhaps the West Indian Cedar (Cedrela odorata) or the Cigar Box Tree (Cedrela fissilis). My third guess would be a Spondias cytherea tree, but that is a weak guess as I don't know if they bloom that heavily.

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Thanks for the suggestions, mango and trini. Looked for photos on your suggestions but it seems none of them fit.

The leaves are actually small, slender and triangular and pointed at the tip (or somewhat diamond shaped, not rounded or oval). The edges of the leaves are serrated (not visible in the pictures).

The width of the leaves is about an inch at its widest and the length, about 4 inches. The flowers are very small, less than 5mm and I don't see any fruits (they may be very small too).

The tree is tall (above 20 ft), taller than my mango tree or coconut tree.


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? neem tree.

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Azadirachta indica or Melia azadirachta i.e. Neem tree, they are literally thousands of them growing in our region...


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my first thoughts were pecan tree. the leaves look very similar but the flowers are different.

have you noticed any fruits/nuts on this tree last year?

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steveandjoy(z10 BGI)

Definitely a Neem tree in full bloom! I have them in my garden.


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please tell me what the name of this tree.?

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