Tropic Snow Peach and others for 2013 advice.

agreenthumbJanuary 16, 2013

Well here in Tampa the warmer weather are making the peach tree bloom anyone else have one of these great trees?

Also I have a tangerine tree for about 4 years and still nothing no fruit yet...anyone know when these thing produce?

Blueberry looking good also and my Myer lemon (back) and limequat (front) are a bit yellow need some advice on fertilizer.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

You can try fish emulsion/fertilizer and seaweed/ kelp extract on your trees as I have read that they don't burn plus they are all natural and not synthetic chemicals. But try to get the ones that say cold process as the ones with hot/warm process kill most of the micro/macro nutrients that are beneficial for your soil. As for the peach, here in central Cal many nectarines and peach have also started blooming. I'm not sure what kind of peaches and nectarines are the ones that are blooming, but they sure are. I also think tropic snow peach are supposed to bloom early hence their name"Tropic snow" and is that a little peach already forming? Well hope you get to taste it soon. And I almost forgot to mention that the fish emulsion has a pungent fishy smell that well attract critters that well want to dig in your dirt trying to look for the dead fish smell.

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The tropic snow peach has a white flesh inside and being that you can grow it in a 9zone makes it so cool. yes that is a tiny peach growing. Last season on that tree I yeilded around 30 peaches!

I think I will continue to use that milorganite stuff. I think it is good even when fruiting to use.

Also one blueberry on the blueberry plant. Not bad for fruit trees in a screened in patio.

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