Guava varieties that people like

rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)January 27, 2010

I am not a huge guava fan, but recently my ruby red seedling fruited and I really liked it. Nice size fruit, smaller seed ratio also and not so "guava" tasting.

I just bought white pear guava and red pear guava seedling plants. Hopefully I like these.

Any thoughts on guava varieties you like.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I am not much of a guava fan either. I love the paste or jelly made from it, just not too happy with the fresh fruit. I have tried numerous pinks and reds. I have grown a bunch too, including a large Thai white that was to be eaten green. First, here in Florida, it is a constant battle with the fruit flies to be able to enjoy a ripe fruit. The green ones are OK, crunchy, not all that much flavor. The seedy red and pink ones have a strong aroma (some would say) wife claims they remind her of the smell of cat urine. In anycase, my all time favorite guava was an Indonesian White Seedless that was being sold by Hopkins Tropical Fruit Nursery before they picked up and moved from Broward County north and west into Glades County. Mine got blown down and died, years ago, but I have a friend that still has it. The fruits are small but nicely flavored and without all those very annoying seeds.

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My two favorites so far are Tropic pink and Mexican Cream. The TP has pink flesh and tastes like 'Sweettart' candy with slightly more acid. The Mexican creams are white fleshed and have such an intense guava smell but the flavor is much milder. They have good flavor with some 'guava' in the finish. I have tasted some very mild white fleshed guavas but found myself searching for any flavor. I believe both TP and MC come true from seed.

I know some Floridians complain about fruit fly larvae in their guavas would that be an issue for you?


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

We don't complain about the larvae of the fruit flies in the guava fruit....we rejoice in the increased protein content!!

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Thanks for the imput.
On occasion I see larvae in my guava fruit, but not often. Knock on wood it stays that way!

I do hate the hard seeds, so a seedless would be nice.

I have not seen much of a selection of Guava here in PR (at least not named varieties). I will have to be on the look out for seeds on-line and hope for decent tasting seedlings.

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Have you tried eating guavas when they are just about half ripe?

I love guavas in general, they are some of my favorite fruits. Also, they are extremely nutricious and good for your health...

I always eat my guavas when they are about 50% ripe. I don't really like them when fully ripe, although some varieties are ok when fully ripe.

I really like the white pear-shaped guavas to eat out of hand. I have a seedling tree that produces some very nice fruits with little seed and little cat urine smell, just playing, I love the smell of ripe guavas, but my girlfriend thinks they smell like cat piss too!

White flys have not really been an issue here in north florida...

Good luck!

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Andrew Scott

I had one in P.R. that was more mild but still I pass on the Guava fruit but I have heard that the white is not as stong. To me guava is almost musky tasting like a cantalope 10x. I ate a part of one in Buffalo and it was wicked strong with tons of seed. I pass. Would much rather eat a nice mango any day!

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my wife considers guavas and passion fruit, cat pee fruits.

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R&G, assuming I get fruit this summer I can send you seeds. My trees are seedlings and fruited in 3 years, probably faster in your climate.

I'm hoping to get first fruits on my Vietnamese and ruby supreme this year.


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I know guavas have a strong scent, but I never thought cat pee when I smelled them. It makes me want to go smell them again, but I am afraid now that people mention that "fragrance", that is what I will smell and I won't be able to eat them anymore!

If you get fruit and they are good, I would love to try them. Thanks for the offer.

I think I am going to buy these, mainly for the fruit size:

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I like guavas. At least the red ones. But, here in Florida they get worms. I guess they are fruit fly larvae.

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