Roebelenii Palm Trees with fungus/algae

Scotty0613April 5, 2013

I have some tall & beautiful Roebelenii Palm Trees in my front yard that are growing a lot fungus/algae (bluish-green) on the trunks.

Anything I can buy to safely kill the fungus/algae?

In S. Florida

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It sound as if the insects are the main problem. Fungus/algae is not usually a problem on palms unless humidity is extreme. For the critturs spray the whole tree, including leaves with appropriately diluted Neem Oil. It is a systemic toxin for a wide range of insects and completely harmless otherwise. Good luck. - Ian.

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@iangrazil - Thank you so much for the information on the Neem Oil. I applied the N.O. on my RoebeleniiâÂÂs yesterday afternoon.

Q. There is quite a bit of fungus on the tree trunks. How many times would you recommend me applying N.O. on the trunks?

Thanks again,

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I've never had a problem with fungus on palms, so I can't really answer your question. Neem does not need to be applied very often, however. I find that twice a year is sufficient, unless there is any sign of trouble. You might need to apply it more often initially, say, repeat the treatment a month later, then keep up a "maintenance dose". Neem is better for insect control in general, though it is also a fungicide. If it doesn't work try Captan. This is a lot more toxic, however. Good luck. - Ian

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