Roebelenii Palm Trees with little black insects

Scotty0613April 5, 2013

I have some beautiful Roebelenii Palm Trees in my front yard and when I go and peel off the dry bark (sorry, donâÂÂt know the proper terminology) I have a million little black insects hiding and living in dry bark.

Anything I can buy to kill the black insects and not kill my palm trees?

In S. Florida

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Scott: seeing as how you've recently started threads titled

Roebelenii Palm Trees with little black insects
Roebelenii Palm Trees With Browning Leaves
Roebelenii Palm Trees with fungus/algae

...have you considered growing something else instead?

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Robelenii are pretty indestructible palms given that one lives in an appropriate zone.
IMO finding so many things going wrong with them might suggest that one is spending way too much time scrutinizing them.
Not saying this is what is going on with you, Scotty.
But it is possible.
Perhaps step away from the trees for a bit?

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