steelskies(5)April 26, 2013

I bought this vine at Home Depot the other day. My first job was at a greenhouse that had a huge stephanotis vine growing in their greenhouse and it smelled wonderful when it was blooming. They used the flowers in bridal bouquets.

Does anyone else grow these and what do I have to know about these vines in particular. We are in WI but I do have a greenhouse that I keep plants over winter. I know these need warm weather.

Are there different kinds? I don't see the blooms opening up yet, but maybe they don't? they just stay in the tubular form?

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Stephanotis comes from Madagascar. It's an easy plant to grow if you can keep it warm all the year round ( min 50F) . Likes bright light ,mine is in almost full sun. Sometimes they won't flower if overfed. Mine just gets wood ash once a year. Good luck. Ian.

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The blooms will open. Ian is correct - they need FULL, hot sun to do well and absolutely NO COLD temps. In the fall, you can trim it back without doing harm.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have this vine and it seems to like the roots cool and the rest in sun. Mine gets a wee bit of late afternoon shade and blooms beautifully. I have it in Miracle Grow and perlite with a little extra peat mixed in. It seems to like a little xtra acidity. Let dry out a little between watering. I have seen Hawk/Hummingbird moths on the blossoms in the evenings.

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Well my stephanotis blooms never opened, and just fell off. I went back to the Home Depot where I bought this, and saw that all the other plants had done the same thing. None of the plants had blooms anymore, and none of them had opened up. I usually go to HD twice a week looking for certain annuals (that haven't come in yet). So I was monitoring these stephanotis pretty closely.

Its been in my greenhouse in warm weather, and the HD plants are in the store where it is warm.

Darn! I really like this vine and the blooms smell heavenly.

Maybe these are like gardenias? All the blooms seem to fall off before they fully open.

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Sultry night is right. Cool roots. Mine blooms fine under 50% shade cloth in Houston. My brother's bloomed just fine under dappled shade in Waipahu.

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