Roebelenii Palm Trees With Browning Leaves

Scotty0613April 10, 2013

Most of the palm fronds are brown. The new ones coming thru are green. What is wrong with my Roebelenii?

The tree is planted in a huge clay pot above ground. Gets plenty of sun and water.

Thanks, Scott

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Leaf spot is a fungal disease that damages the fronds of robellini palms. There are a variety of pathogens that can cause this disease but all of them result in the same symptoms. As this fungal disease infects the palm, water-soaked lesions will start to appear on the palm fronds. As these lesions progress, they will turn yellow, gray, reddish-brown, brown, or black in color. The longer the tree is infected, the more numerous the lesions. Left untreated, this disease will kill the palm fronds. Fungal spores will spread to other leaves of the tree, causing the deterioration of the foliage. Fortunately, leaf spot can be treated with the use of fungicides. All fungicides should be applied per manufacturer instruction.

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@nelsoncastro - Because the palm tree is in a large clay pot and you mentioned water-soaked lesions, could that be like root rot and its not getting a proper drainage? I donâÂÂt know if the pot has holes on the bottom. The pot is placed in a garden, so no way to tell about excess water draining out.

I have some Neem Oil, should I spray it with some of that? How about just cutting off ALL the brown leaves and start treating the green ones?

Thanks for your help.

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