Anyone grow giant horsetail plants in So Cal?

tony_la(21 Sunset ZN)April 25, 2006

I recently purchased a giant horsetail plant and am wondering how it might fair in the ground in Southern California. I had seen it grown in greenhouses at a botanical garden and the full grown plants are very impressive. I believe the plants were over 10 ft tall with whorls of small branches (just like the drawings with dinosaurs). Any info would be great.

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Hi Tony,

Do you mean Equisetum telmateia? Which nursery you get it from?

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tony_la(21 Sunset ZN)

The plants are labeled Equisetum myriochaetum. I purchased the plant at a nursery in Santa Barbara. I do not have the name of the nursery with me, but can get it off of the reciept in a few days.

Thanks for any info on cultivation in So Cal.

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eveningstar(z 10 Ca)

I haven't grown it, but I saw Equisetum myriochaetum on my trip to Veracruz last year. I was impressed. I imagine it could do well here, if you can protect it from our dry winds, and keep it in a moist situation.

That nursery must have been something! :-)


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Giant horsetails, the thugs, on steroids? Be mighty careful where and how you plant them, & let us know if your house disappears (LOL). They are so Cool looking!

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I suggest a pot. I grow another variety of horsetail but I use a pot. They can become very invasive & hard to get rid of in the ground. They also reproduce by spores, although mine has not so far. Horsetail does not like transplantation, but once established does fine.
I believe the one you specified is native to Mexico so it should do OK.

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debbysunshine(san diego)

I went to google and looked up that plant and it is huge and looks to get pretty evassive. I have huge plumes which I've tried to control many times but their seeds just blow everywhere and they take over and I never want to see another evasive plant.. Maybe in a large pot you can control the spread of this plant because I bet it is really nice looking by itself..

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Anyone know of a source for giant horsetail? It is hard to find other species other than E. hymale and E. scirpoides.

Orlando,FL z9b/10a

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I just saw some form of horsetail at Green Mart in Orange a couple of weeks ago.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

"looks to get pretty evassive"

so they are hard to find and get a hold of?

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I saw a giant horsetail growing in the Rancho Santa Ana botanic garden in Claremont recently. It was about 6Â tall or taller, and was growing in the ground near a pond. It was invasive, but did quite well in the So CA climate. Since they grow natives it was probably Equisetum telmateia - Equisetum myriochaetum is native to Mexico.

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I would be very interested in buying an Equisetum giganteum or myrochaetum! Does anybody know a source were one could get some (nursery, botanical garden)? Like toni 1a wrote, may be there are a few nurseries selling some!

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I have a contained wetland pond in da Marigny Triangle of New Orleans and need a Equisetum Telmateia to complment a recently rescued old cycad. Anyone selling?

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I've grown them in a greenhouse-they will never become impressive in pots..not unless you use huge 36" or more.They need much root run. I wouldnt worry about them being too invasive in souccal..they need lots of water. Where you dont water is a natural barrier. They are great companion plants for tree ferns and Gunnera,aroids like Colocasia and Alocasia. In the Berkeley Botanical Garden greenhouse they have E.gigantium..and its a show plant.

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