Need help growing tropical trees

amrkhalidoApril 10, 2011

Greetings ,,

I live in Egypt and i want to plant certain types of tropical and subtropical trees ( temperatures range between 40 degrees fahrenheit in the most extreme times and not always ,, to 100+ ,, weather is dry and sunny all over the year ,, rarely raining )

Plants i wish to plant are ( lychee sweatheart and hakiup ,, sapodilla hasa and sillas wood ,, longan biewkiew and kohala ,, jackfruit black gold ,, star fruit hart and bell ,, ice cream bean ,, dragon fruit yellow )

Plants i am already growing ( mango all varities and fruit successfully ,, citrus all types ,, peach ,, certain type of cherimoya or atemoya i dnt knw the difference ,, bananas ,, bottle palm ,, travelers palm ,, areca palm ,,pomegranate ,, guava ,, date palms )

Would anyone who knows a relevance between these types which allows me to plant them tell me ,,

Thanks, Amr

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Hi Amr, glad to hear you're growing some great trees. If no one answers here, you may get many of your questions answered on the Tropical Fruit Forum. They know lots about the different cultivars and such of fruit trees.

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thx trini ,, and yes i think i should share it on the other forum ,, :DD

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