Strelitzia flower stalk?...Hope so!

greenclaws UKzone8aApril 23, 2008

Was having a tidying session in the g/h and decided to move the strelitzia as it has developed a bit of a lean to one side. I was just about to repot it more upright and turned it around and noticed this growing out from between the older leaf it what I think it is?? Had been told new leaves emerge from beside the last new leaf, this isn't the case with this spear. Plus it has that little sheath like covering, not noticed this on the new leaves Hope it's a flower stalk as it will be my very first.

The pot it's in is quite small in comparison to the plant at almost 5ft in height, here it is taken last summer. It's now pushing the compost out of the top of the pot leaving no room to water. Guess it would be best to wait till it's flowered (if it is indeed a flower stalk) before I re-pot? It was a casualty from the 'dead and dying trolley' as I call it in a DIY store a few years ago and around 1ft high and with 4 sickly leaves. Keeping my fingers crossed for a flower stalk confirmation.


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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

Congratulations, your bird is going to bloom.


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I've started some seed, just out of curiousity as to whether I'll get them sprouting (read they have to be fresh - there's no freshness date on the McKenzie seed package, so we'll see!) and if they'll grow well.

I hope you'll have time to post the photo of it in bloom, how nice to have that to look forward to.


Here is a link that might be useful: I found this interesting to read:

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Steve, thats just the news I was waiting for, it looks quite different to the new leaves now its growing a bit more. Success at last!
Kioni, just been loking at that site also, a good read. Also shows some immature flower spikes...just like mine!
Will post a pic as and when, but from looking at that site, it takes a while for it to lengthen and flower, so guess patience is needed? Good luck with your seeds BTW.

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If that's the view your yard has, wow you are so fortunate!! What a beatiful landscape and a great Bird of Paradise btw. I have family in Yorkshire, hope to visit the UK someday.

BTW, Bird of Paradises tend to bloom when their roots are crowded. I would say repot after you've enjoyed this bloom and there's no others coming.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Zach, yep, that's the view, and we have similar ones for almost a full 360degrees over valley and fields. Nice landscapes in lots of Yorkshire too, where are your folks situated? Hope you enjoy your UK visit as and when you come over, there are some stunning areas over here...but I would say that wouldn't I?
Will do as you suggest now it appears to be blooming and wait till it's finished before re-potting upright. Do they take a long while to get from this stage to when the flowers actually open, the info on the site linked above would suggest so?

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Congratulations, Gill! Your BOP is looking great. A lot bigger than the last photos I saw. How tall is it? From what I've read, they like the stress from being pot-bound to flower.

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I think my strelitzia's flower have become frost damage. After temperatures going down to about 36f, I am seen brown spots on the old and new petals coming. Is this frost damage or something else I should be concern with?

Hope someone can help.


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Just a little help for you, your plant is too tall or elongated please give it more sunlight to make it stronger or has it been in a greenhouse all the time?

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Stephen, well my strelitzia has flowered each year till summer 2014 when it succumbed to root rot I'm afraid. I am currently trying to re-root the remaining portion. Unfortunately it has to grow in whatever sun the fickle UK weather gives it and sometimes that is very minimal and yes, its been in the g/h for most of its life for added warmth so maybe I should have grown it harder and therefore smaller. Fingers crossed for the portion to grow on but I've had to neglect many of my plants in the past 2 months having only yesterday lost my d/h of who knows what is going on in the g/h these days .... I for one don't :(

Gill UK (trying to get back to some sort of normality)

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There is a very good site for Strelitzia, they are very helpful as well. They are in Australia. Take a look and see how many different Strelitzia there are.

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