bought the wife a new car

zitro_joe(8)March 28, 2007

I wrecked the other one, bad. If you passed mile marker 320 on 277, 17MAR at 1231pm, that was us attached to a tree in the ditch. Amazingly no one was hurt, all the kids were with us too! We should have been hurt, we were traveling at 65mph when we slid into the ditch, launched in to the air by an entrance ramp (for a cotton field), the tree caught us in the air and put us safely back on the ground...

I didn't want a car payment,but ohh well...

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Oh my that sounds like a very bad wreak, thank god your all ok.
Looks like a good family car, lot's of room.

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Z, very nice van. Y'all have angels riding with you for sure.

Geez, just reading that is scary, thank goodness y'all weren't hurt

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Scary story, nice car!

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I thank those angels that y'all are alright. Terrible way to get a new car!

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Ouch! Gotta take care out there, on the highways and byways, Joe.

Nice looking car. Don't recognize the model, although I see it is a Chrysler. Looks like a mid-size crossover SUV/wagon, about the size of the Volvo. Too big, and not right in the back, for a Caliber.

I have been driving Chrysler mini-vans since '89. Not sure I can afford another one, as they have gone up an average of 1K per year, since then. (sigh)

Hoping my current one lasts through this year, before I have to get a new car again. Then I will have to see what I can afford.

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Thank goodness your babies weren't hurt, that's always scary when they are with you! We had a wreck a few years ago, while pulling the 5th wheel. My little dog, who loves to ride in the truck, will run and hide from me now, if the truck is hooked up to the trailer. He was seriously traumatized, I can just imagine what it does to babies.

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So glad y'all are okay. How scary that was!
That's a pretty car.


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I replay the events in my head and I am completely baffled: 65mph, ditch, airborne, tree - no scratches or was reaffirmed.

I think this incident is what made me able to laugh at Abigail writing all over my TV. I am just glad we all here, what's a little ink on the TV?

It a Chrysler Pacifica. I think we received a decent deal. It only had 800 miles because it was the showroom/ demo model. I was already approved for a loan so just itching to sell me a car. I spent 4 hours talking to the guy about this one. He didn't give me the price I wanted so I walked away and I told them not to call me unless they were going to give me my price. Two days later they called.

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Congratulations! What a beautiful car! Wow no cuts are bruises..simply amazing..and yep it would have reaffirmed my faith too!
So glad you and your family came out of that without injuries.
Did you fall alseep? or was the roads slick?
I worry every day I leave work that I will fall asleep while driving home and hurt someone. The older I get the harder it is to make that 52 mile trip home everyday...

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Nice ride! Pretty. Nice bright n shiny to reflect the TX heat in summer.(I've never owned a dark colored car because of I've pretty much lived mostly where it's hot!)
Faith affirmed AMEN!!!I am so glad y'all are OK.
I can guess why anyone would wreck here. It aint from scamming out gorgeous wild flowers or looking at the lovely wild Oaks either!
Who in Hell designed these roads!!! I want some names and addys! WTF? I nearly got beaned I don't even KNOW how many times in the last two days going somewhere new. Look around like you're not from here someday(carefully!) Note there are a bunch of missing/gone street signs. They label the roads at random. VERY tricky if you're trying to follow a map lemme tell ya! Worse if you have a poor sense of direction. Street lines are also random,especially around corners with 2 turn lanes.A lot of people just ignore them anyway. ONE lane or the other please!!! Lastly, there is too much traffic for the design. A few yards of road alloted for traffic getting off the freeway,traffic getting on the freeway and through traffic isn't even CLOSE to being enough room. Then you have the clowns that suddenly cut across 4 lanes of traffic to cut in at the last minute going 70MPH sideways. Scary as hell! No someone landing in a tree doesn't even surprise me. PJ

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Well, that didn't look as big as the Pacifica. Hope you did get a good deal. That one tends to be a bit pricey.

PJ, after reading that......I am sure I don't wanna ride with you. (grin)

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Beautiful van, terrible way to have to get 1 !! Stay safe. Your little girls are gorgeous. Bev

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Bev__(z7/8 TX)

Your guardian angels were working overtime that day!
How frightening.
The new car is beautiful. My girlfriend has one of the first Pacifica's made and she loves it.

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I have to say that Chrysler makes a lot of very classy looking cars now

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Yeah, I hope Chrysler survives. They are the only American car company left, that actually makes a decent car. (It is funny that Daimler's service record has gotten a lot worse, but they think Chrysler has sales issues.)

Ford products are safety hazards, both on and off the road (my next door neighbor experienced one of their "spontaneous combustions" on an Expedition), and GM products have the worst ergonomics imaginable, not to mention their paints break down rapidly.

Hate to be forced to buy import, by lack of American products.

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MrsBox77(z9C N Hou)

Sounds like an Angel was watching over you guys. So glad no one was hurt. Love the styling on that Chrysler. They really have nice looking vechicles lately. I think I would look supurb in a Not that I would EVER give up my convertible......:)

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denisew(z8 TX)

Yes, your family definitely had a guardian angel with you that day. Glad everyone is okay.
Nice family vehicle . . . even though you now have car payments again.

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lindseyrose(8b/9 Texas)

Wow. So glad you are okay, all of you. I'm wondering what type car you were driving in the crash? Your new Pacifica really is pretty. Congrats on getting the price you wanted! :)

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