Mango tree has white specks on leaf undersides

theo247(7b NC)April 3, 2013

Hi folks,

I have my pickering mango indoors for the winter and recently noticed white specks on the leaf undersides (see pic). The specks wipe off easily and are definitely not insects. I've had about 5 leaves drop over the last month (not a lot but still concerning), and I wonder if it's related. I previously had some spider mite issues and sprayed with a mild neem oil solution, but I'm pretty sure that the spider mites are gone now.

Do you know if these specks are a problem? Thanks!

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Yuck! Don't know what it is, but spray with Neem Oil immediately.

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The disease seems to be Powdery mildew. It is caused by the Oidium fungus. It appears when there are prolonged periods of cool, dry temperatures. The symptoms of the disease can be identified with the appearance of a white, powdery-like substance on the panicles, new fruit and the undersides of new leaves. This disease can cause premature leaf and fruit drop. Mature leaves that are infected have spots that appear a purplish-brown color. This occurs as the white fungus begins to disappear.

The treatment for this fungus is a fungicide program that begins in early spring and extends to the end of the crop season.

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theo247(7b NC)

Thanks for the replies! Powdery mildew makes sense, so I'll try using neem oil consistently (maybe with sodium bicarbonate, too, since I saw that suggested elsewhere).

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theo247(7b NC)

Just wanted to show an updated image of my mango. It's been looking much healthier in recent weeks, and it just exploded in new growth!

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