Blood Orange Tree Produce

JGriffinJanuary 2, 2012

My mother has a blood orange tree that produces the best ever oranges! I bought one about 4 yrs ago. It produces about 5-6 oranges per season. The problem is, the oranges are pretty nasty tasting. The juice is sweet but has no flavor! If you were in a blind taste-test, you would NEVER guess citrus of any sort. This is the 2nd year it produced. Last years fruit was even nastier tasting. The tree is very slow growing too. Other orange trees,(not blood orange) 2 years younger have more than doubled the height of the blood orange tree.

I have threatend to pull it out and replace it but my heart won't let me destroy a live plant. So, if any one has advice or a reason why the oranges aren't good, please let me know how to correct it.

Thanks, jtj

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That has pretty much been my experience with my Citrus trees. The first couple of years they produce fruit, this is how it has been. They are either not any good or pretty unremarkable the first couple of years.

However, after the get a few years of fruit producing under their belt, mine have all ended up producing really good fruit. From 1 year to the next, it is like fruit from a totally different tree. From the sound of it, you are not far off from your tree producing good fruit. I'd hold off for another year or 2 before deciding to pull it out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Good Luck!


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i bought a Moro this summer it had 4 oranges, ate them just before Christmas. they were the best oranges I ever tasted. i'm planning to buy another tree. i potted up my tree in a large pot, fertilized half strength monthly, watered like every other day during our drought and +100'F summer. out in full sun from sun up till sun down.

what kind of growing conditions is your tree in? it could influence fruit quality.

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Thanks and I hope you are correct that the fruit will get better in the next year or so.

My tree is in full sun. I fertlize it but have to admit I am not good at following a routine or directions. And it may sometimes get whatever kind of fertilizer I am putting out for other plants. I do water on a regular schedule, a minimum of 3 times a week.

Maybe I will try harder on the fertilizer schedule.
thanks, jtj

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reb1136(Mobile, AL 8b)

I planted a Moro Blood Orange this past spring. I dont think it has grown one inch or even put on a new leaf. It's a healthy tree there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with it, I guess it will grow when it gets ready. Both of the trees I planted beside it have grown a lot and produced fruit.

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I have a nice little Moro that produces fruits like crazy. Last year I got about 20 bloods and they were amazing. This year the tree has so many fruits I think it's on its way of killing itself. Here are some pics the fruits are alot smaller this year. I tried a couple and they are sweeter than last year.


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nice tree JF

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I have one of those Tocoro (or whatever it's called) and for a while it didn't produce a lot but ever since last year I started getting 200+ pieces of fruit a year (and it's a dwarf!)

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johnb51(FL 10a)

How does the flavor of the blood orange compare to Navels and Valencias? I've always considered the flavor of the Valencia to be perfect.

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reb1136(Mobile, AL 8b)

Dang JF nice tree hopefully mine will decide it wants to grow this year

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It depends on the type you have, the one that everyone says has the best flavor is the Tarocco, but they are not as red as the other cultivars. Mine have a flavor that is a mix of orange and raspberry (even when they are solid orange in color).

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my Moro has almost no acidity, nice amount of sweetness, maybe a slight hint of berry.

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Thanks guys,

houstontexas123 perfect description of a Moro! I juiced some last year with apples, guavas and kiwi amazing! here is a pic of my incredibly sweet golden nugget mandarin.

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This year had about 15 oranges. Again the taste isn't good. There is not a hint of citrus taste. Tree still isn't growing. But I will give it another year or two before replacing it. Hanging in, jtj

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I have a blood orang tree for over 6 years now,it is the healthiest tree in my yard. it had only few flowers in the last 2 years but never any fruit. how many years do I have to wait to see any fruit on it

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