The fruit/vegetable called 'name'

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)January 12, 2009

Today at a Mexican grocery store I picked up a brown root that looks similar to a taro called "name" but can't find anything on the internet about it. The sticker says it's from Costa Rica. Anyone know anything about it?

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Hi gardener972,
Im puerto rican and in my family we eat boiled name with salted codfish called bacalao and other root vegetables,it very good, you can eat it like you would a potato or yuca. Its been in my familys' cooking for generations and generations. My grandmother also grew one years ago and the plant was beautiful, enjoy!

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

Is there another name for it because I can't find anything about it on the internet. Do you peel it and how long would you boil it? What would you season it with?

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The correct spelling is ñame and you eat it just like amandapanda says. Treat it like a potato. In Cuba, we boil it and eat like potato. Also fry it like chips.

They are consired Tubers and are also called Yams.

Here is a link

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Oooohhhhh, thats where the accent button on my keyboard is lol
Racor is absolutely right!
Gardener972,email me if you want a yummy recipe, I am quite the cook if I dont say so myself lol :)

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eileen_nv(Z9 Homosassa)

Thank you! I was just looking for the same thing! Good link, too! :-D

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How do you cook Name, do you peel it like a potato? Cook it like a potato?

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Anyone have information on growing this yam? I managed to root some and have a great vine. How do I cultivate it?

Veronica in central Florida

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I did a bit of research on this and came up with the name being Dioscorea batatas, Chinese yam, Chinese potato, Name. Around the world it more commonly known as Chinese Yam and searches on that name will get more information.

This is part of the information I found on cultivation:

An easily grown plant, succeeding in a fertile well-drained soil in a sunny position or light shade, though it is best in full sun. Plants are hardy to at least -18c. This species of yam is much cultivated in China for its edible root which can be up to 1 metre long. It has a great potential to be a commercial crop in Britain, though a satisfactory method of harvesting the root needs to be found. Plants take 3 - 4 years to reach full maturity, though one year roots of well grown plants can weigh more than 500g. There are many cultivated forms with different root shapes in China and Japan. The yam is a climbing plant that supports itself by twining around the branches of other plants. It can be grown successfully into small bushes or, perhaps simpler when being grown as a root crop, it can be grown up a frame in a similar manner to growing runner beans. Plants produce tubercles (small tubers that are formed in the leaf axils of the stems), and can be propagated by this means. The small white flowers have a pleasant scent of cinnamon. There is some confusion over the correct name for this species. One report says that D. batatas is an invalid name that is often erroneously applied to two distinct species D. opposita and D. japonica. The Flora of China accepts D. batatas as a synonym for D. polystachya. Dioecious. Male and female plants must be grown if seed is required.

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Thank you, Tropicalbreezent! Just what I needed.


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timed(z6 NY)

The pictures I found on line for Dioscorea batatas look exactly like an annoyingly persistent weed in my backyard someone called "cinnamon vine". I'm glad I didn't buy a name at the grocery store today to plant and see what came up!

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