How to do vanilla bean cuttings?

bluespiritartist(5A)May 4, 2009

I have two different kinds of vanilla bean vines and would like to learn how to take cuttings of these. One vine is a real grower and is about 8ft long. The other is a varagated kind and is stunted but will be working on this one as it warms up more in the north. Any help would be really appreacated, thanks :)


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Vanilla is an orchid. I take cuttings from mine all the time as I would a succulent. Since you live in a cooler climate, I suggest you ask on the Orchid forum as to what is the best method.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Most any method will produce an offset as they root very easily. They generally have to get LARGE to produce flowers."over 8 feet ime.) Even then they have to be pollinated by hand and of course the processing if you are lucky enough to get a bean lol. Easy to see why Vanilla is expensive lol gary

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Thank you for the info. if our weather ever gets warm again (being sarcastic) the one vine will really grow. I don't understand what is wrong with the other, it's as stunted as when i first recieved it 2 years ago. It isn't happy. It grows along next to the healthy one, same light and everything...maybe I will experiment with the unhappy one. I made a huge dome for it to keep humidity in and even still it isn't happy! Of course I wouldn't be either if I grew up in a warm climate then came here!

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bihai(zone 9)

8 feet is small for a vanilla. If I were you I would wait to make cuttings until it was a lot bigger.

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Blue, funny you should mention your variegated Vanilla growing dwarf-like.
My green Vanilla grew huge...the variegated 1/4 the size..Both plants were purchased from the same nursery, arrived the same time. Cuttings.
I Googled dwarf vanilla, but nothing pertaining dwarf popped up.
It's possible variegated needs something more than the green. Variegated plants need more sun to keep color, could that be an answer? Mine grow in the same NW windows, under artificial light.
IMO, variegated Vanilla needs more attention than non-variegated, the question is, what is its need? lol.

What type of medium is your planted in? For years mine was in soil. Just recently, I potted in an orchid mix. Don't know why, guess I assumed a flower and bean would
Besides, I messed up..Instead of growing the green Vanilla on a pole, it was wound around and around..The plant fell and broke in sections..Because it's an orchid, I didnt think it'd root, so tossed the cuttings. Also, I thought it might need cutting back to grow in thicker..That's not the answer. They need humidity, lots of humidity..Although we do everything to keep humidity up in winter, it'll never get as high as orchids need. So, I'm back to two small vanillas. lol. Both are planted in the same pot, (mainly for space) next to an indoor fountain.

Good luck with yours..Toni

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Thanks again everyone for all the help. Hopefulauther, we have alot in common lol except I had mine in orchid mix and have been adding soil to it and still nothing! I thought it hated me but to hear what you said...I'm even more interested in finding out this mystery!!! lol
I have a little electric green house, maybe I'll try that and keep a small jar of water in it...could that work? Or is it premedated murder??? Also have a floor lamp that I use (suppose to be as close to true sunlight-ha,ha) on my veggie seeds/plants to get an earily jump on and that is right by the little greenhouse. Maybe I will try would break your heart to see this little thing suffering so, it's pathetic looking!

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