Post December freeze Mango survivor.

stanofhJanuary 25, 2014

I covered,put a bulb under it,and its looking fine and dandy. I tell you, if I hadn't? It would be dead. About 4' square.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Yep, ya got lucky Stan - and did the right thing as well.....


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Thanks Mangodog. I have another Mango- a Manila that's been to hell and back,TWICE!... at one time was a potted 9' plant that made the local papers with hanging fruit. It was killed back in 2007 , planted out then killed back AGAIN,in 2012, and then down to a stump and a few sprouts. I dug it up in October,moved it to where it gets sun at the hottest part of the day. And then I covered with a big jar this winter. Its better shape then its been in years. AND mind you,when I dug it rootball. Just a thick stump,a tap and the sprouts. It looked more like a potato when I got it out of the ground.
The lesson is, ALL sun,and no 32f without covering.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

I've got a 10 year old Manila that looks to be just LOADED with buds/flowers about to break! Interestingly, in 2012 I got 110 fruit on it and last year - 5!!!!!!!

I think it's turned into an alternate bearer, however, I'm going to try thinning it this spring and see if I can get a more modest crop each year instead of heavy then extremely small...should be interesting...

ANd by the way - where DO you live?


I want to hear how that Manila does moving forward - what a survivor.....and the first mango you talked about - what variety is that?

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The one in the photo used to be a Baileys Marvel-lol. Its now a rootstock marvel.
The Manila I first bought in 2003? or even 2002. It grew in a pot to about 9' (excluding pot height) and flowered and had fruit. The next winter-2007 came along..and since it had taken frost before I left it alone. Big Mistake.
Like Baileys later...the winter after fruiting just weakened the tree's cold tolerance. Now I know..I would tell ANYBODY in the San Francisco bay area that these tree's can do well in our cool summers,but need protection after fruiting especially.
Its the fine taste that makes it worth it..and they are small tree's here. Easy to find a spot.
It might not be to everyone's idea of gardening to protect EVERY winter,when here almost nothing else at the nursery asks for that.
But we California Mango people do it!

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Wishing you lot of luck in SF with mangoes.

My Home Depot Manila starts sensing out flower for the first time after planted it 4 or 5 years ago: a little white spot below a bent new grow bud. Do you guys notice when the new grow green bud formed with a bent shape then it will have flower? All branches that have flower also have those bent green buds.


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Its budding. That swell stands out from a normal leaf flush. And the 4-5 years is right with Manila. That's how old mine was when it started.
I had another (second) Manila that bloomed the next year after planting..then died. Gophers,root rot? I don't know. But it's said that LaVerne has sold various Mangoes as Manila..some they found were better for them to grow and sell.
My Original still doing the Bonsai Mango look..but its healthy. Maybe one day it will again be fruiting.
As checkered as it all sounds? I can still say that three types of Mango have made sweet fruit since 2007. Its not a fruitless- so to speak- effort.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Funny I noticed that for the first time this year, too, Sapote - this bend on the buds that will be flowers....nice observation!


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flipback23(9 SF Bay)

Sorry to thread Jack, but you say your are from the bay area huh. Im in the east bay what types of mangoes can we grow here. I would love to start one. Are there any suited for being in a container vs in the ground since I rent and most of my gardening in done via containers or raised bed. Any info appreciated.

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Manila I think wins hands down as best to grow in the bay area. Not that its hardiest to cold or best tasting..its just easy to find, Inexpensive,not a grafted tree, and does fruit very well in large pots. I know I saw a photo of a very nice 9' tall Manila in a half barrel grown here in the bay area. It was on wheels..and he would roll it into his garage on freezing nights.
I've had Manila's bloom in less then two years after purchase..or the usual 4-5.
Locally..Regan's nursery in Newark always has them in summer. As long as you're there PJ, check out other subtropical tree's you could grow in pots they carry..Curry tree,Dragon fruit, Dwarf banana's. Papaya,Hawaiian or Babaco.

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flipback23(9 SF Bay)

Stanoth thanks for the info, I go to regans alot lol just never considered looking to see if they had tropicals that could grow here. Thanks for the info!!!

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