Elephant Ear Bulb

josh_palm_crazyMay 8, 2007

When planting elephant ear bulbs do you completly cover the bulb with soil or should the tops stick out of the ground a bit? Any help would be great.

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I also have an elephant ear question. I planted some EE bulbs in my NYC backyad about 3 weeks ago. When should I see growth?

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The one I bought 2 weeks ago said to plant 1 1/2-2" below soil line. I put mine in a pot as I intend to move to arkansas this fall. I still have not seen any new growth. What i do to find out is use my fingers or something soft enough to not damage the bulb and move the dirt away from the top to see whats going on in there. Today I did this and it is just starting to form roots and a couple of little nubs are starting to grow up. Finally ,I hope, in a few more days it should start pushing thru. I hope I was of some help. Max.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi, I planted one a few weeks ago and it already had a pointy sprout on the top of the bulb so I planted this just poking out above the soil line. It said on the pack to plant the top of the bulb a couple of inches below soil level. My bulb was fat and round, wonder if yours looked the same? Here's a pic of it so far...to get it going (I live in the UK and dont have your temps), I placed a clear plastic cover over the soil and the sprout opened quickly once it rooted and got going. Been some confusion over it's name..see my other post 'ALOCASIA/COLOCASIA' a few posts down on this page which 'may' give you some more info or confuse you like me! Think I will keep it in my g/h though as it looks like the leaves could get damaged in the winds.

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Josh, it's best planting the entire bulb underground..But like others here have done, starting in a pot is much quicker than directly outdoors..This way you'll have an early start, especially since you live in z6..Toni

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Thanks alot. This is my first expirience with EEs. My father inlaw gave them to me. He's been growing them for years. He told me to plant them with the tops of the bulb sticking out but that seems odd to me. I planted them about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I hope they show some growth soon. My only question now is do I pull them up or wait a little longer to see what happens? I wish I would've asked you guys first. Although I did cover the bulbs with a little soil and mulch.

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One more thing. Would it be ok to fertilize an EE bulb? I have four in the ground so should I fertilize one to see if it makes any difference?

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We live in central texas and had a couple of hard freezes, which is unusual. our elephant ears that we have had for years planted in the ground have turned to mush and show no signs of coming back. what should i do? any advice would be appreciated.

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Alocasias seem to be happier protruding out a bit (since part of the corm is actually a trunk) while colocasias can be completely covered.

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