help ID this tropical fruit tree

alkhowaiterMay 3, 2012

Hi all

please help me in identifying this tropical fruit tree i grew it from seed two years ago now i dont know what is it.

i know it is a tropical fruit tree because i only buy tropical fruit tree seeds.

it is around three foot tall

thank you all


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it looks like Otaheite Gooseberry.

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dear bunti
thank you for your reply
is there a way to distinguish bilimbi tree from Otaheite Gooseberry because the are similer to me.
thank you

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When you sowed the seed, you might have seen the seed. Gooseberry seeds are small. I haven't seen bilimbi fruit in real. But it looks like the fruit is bigger than gooseberry. Seed might be bigger too. if the seed is smaller than cherry seed, it might be gooseberry.

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