UPDATE: bump's mnf mayday, mayday swap

dan_the_mailmanMay 5, 2009

Hello, I'm Bump, your host, and welcome to our second thread! Boxes are now flying across the United States, and the mayhem of trying to figure out who sent to who has begun. Meow! Here is a list of the current players...










Monica/ mommyto2









I've got to get Dan off to work, and then find something for Stella to do today so she doesn't interrupt my mid-morning nap (which is NOT to be confused with my morning nap OR my late-morning nap!), so I will talk with you all later.

Everyone have a safe, happy day!


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

And an update to the map. 9 of the 11 tracking numbers have been accepted by USPS. Still waiting for Kathy to get hers out the door, and I don't know if Mark's has been mailed yet.

Sorry the symbols and colors changed. That happened when I added the names.

Now I've dallied here too long, and I'll probably be late to meed my associates this morning. Oh, well, they can't go far without me - I have the keys to the rental car!


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

that is really cool with the map thingy,,,I didn't know you could do that!

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Ooooh! Clickable links!!


I can't figure out which one's headed my way!! LOL!

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Hello HNB:
Could it be because there is not one heading your way yet? Did not even contemplate that did you? Silly, bunny.

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That's a possibility??


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

LOL @ Bunny and Diene....

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Silly Bunny, you're not supposed to know until it's in your hands! Diene, can't you straighten her out? Meow!

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I have to WAIT??

Oh. Guess I missed that part.

Well, GOSH DARN. That doesn't seem fair! :P

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If I had any influence over Bunny, her eldest would be an only child!! Not that she does not grow beautiful little ones but I could not handle the brood she created. She is much more adventuresome than I could ever be. Thank God for our bunny even if she does seem to jump to conclusions!!

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Well, Diene, that's what Bunnies do, you know, jump that is!

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Jumping to conclusions is the only form of exercise I get, Diene! :O)

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WOW!!! My post people are quick, look how far down the map my box has gotten. Hey, is it who got the first three boxes sent to the post office first or is it who's box got to their partners first? HeHe.

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here is my tracking # 0307 0020 0001 9989 6822 Yahoo!!! =)

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Wow, Denise! Your box seems to be the only one that's moved anywhere. But I shouldn't be surprised - your April box did get to me in ONE DAY.

Big thanks to Kathy for posting those links. It sure makes tracking easier.

I want to update the map, but I'd love to have more boxes to add to it - get those boxes out and DC numbers posted, garden swappers! Let's see lots of lines cris-crossing the USofA!

Denise's line is so pretty, I can't resist posting the map again, while I wait for the USPS to update everyone else's tracking.

(If anyone thinks the joy of clicking on those tracking numbers is spoiled by me posting this map, just let me know and I'll stop!)


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I think those maps are great! Keep it up! -Dan

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)

to the tune of Where oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Where oh where has my package gone?
Where oh where could it be?
With the number posted
and the package shipped
Where oh where could it be...

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To answer Denise/antiqueorchid's question, the 3 prizes were to go to the first three people who sent out their boxes. I just checked the first thread to make sure, and the first three people who posted their delivery confirmation numbers with sent boxes were... (drum roll please)
CONGRATULATIONS YOU THREE!!! You'll be receiving something in the mail from me this month. And no, it will not be used kitty litter!

p.s. Isn't it great to see so many flying boxes??? Here's what it looks like behind the scenes at the post office, according to Dan anyway...

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Well the only thing Denise's box tells me is I am not the recipient. Boo Hoo!!
Dan, I think I have seen those guys at the local post office here which is why I do not go there.

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I think Joseph's and mine are neck to neck..."wondering where in the heck HIS box is going"....

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)

I protest the contest winners! This contest is rigged for the cats! I have to admit, I am not a cat. For years, my nemesis has been chasing me.

If you look back at the thread, Bunny was the first to post then I flew over here and typed mine in. I had to catch stitch first and shove him in the box!

So much for being under cover in this swap. I guess I am now open season for the rest of you!

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My box went out monday confirmation # 03082040000082265909. hopefully will arrive at its destination tomorrow, hope my person likes it. Dan, which of the flying monkeys is you ? Sakura, love the map, you are talented. bunny don't get too anxious. you get dh to comfort you and we all know what happens then. watching for my box. carol

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

I told myself I wasn't going to udpate the map until my parcel moved - but I got tired of waiting. And there's some good movement of OTHER packages. Thanks to Carol, I had to expand the coverage of the map.

Well, it's obvious neither Denise's nor Melissa's box is hearding in my direction. But what about Karen's? (please, please, pretty please?)

And if you want to know who actually mailed boxes first (as opposed to being on line to post confirmation numbers), I'll refer to my trusty data I've captured for map-making (I did mention my geekiness, right?)
In order of post office acceptance (of those DC#s that have been posted):
CA 0743 4-May
Karen (tie) 0917 4-May
Melissa (tie) 0917 4-May

Just stirring the pot here (doesn't really matter to me whether you go by posting or mailing, I'm in either way).

Off to click Kathy's links again....


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First of all, I LOVE THE MAP!!!
2nd of all, I'm gonna really throw you guys a loop, and tell you, I mailed my package off today.
Conf# 0306 2400 0003 0183 3483
And 3rd, I forgot one of the most important things in my package before I mailed it. :(
The chocolate!!!! I had candy, but forgot to put it in.


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Mark, having your package ready to go isn't the same as having sent it, even if you did have the dc# on it. Remember, the prizes were to go to those who sent first, not those who were ready to send, silly dog-lover!
And, as sometimes happens in the sportsworld, the winners were announced, but the photo-finish is what we have to bow down to. After consulting with the USPS, the line-up of winners is now officially... Cheryl, Karen, and Melissa. Sorry Linda! Now, as a consolation prize for Linda, she will be receiving a special day of sunshine, breezes, and a soothing cup of tea with a plate of brownies just for her. Enjoy them Linda! Cheryl, Karen, and Melissa will be receiving their mystery prizes in the mail sometime this month. (Now, where DID Dan put those addresses???)
Have a good day everyone, with plenty of naps to enjoy! And yes Mark, you're forgiven for being a dog-lover and are welcome to take those catnaps too! For now, anyway.
Purrs & Bellyrubs!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Well, my box should have went out this morning. I was planning to finish it yesterday afternoon and have it ready for Cliff to take to work with him this morning.

However, when I came back in here to work on finishing it, I checked my email. In it I found a wonderful little email from the company that I ordered my patio set from telling me that they were crediting me for my return. What return, I asked myself. I never received the table! The table that I have been waiting for almost three weeks to arrive. The table that goes with the 6 assembled chairs that are and have been, sitting out under my gazebo for almost three weeks, looking very sad and lonely. The table that I had intended to use this weekend to entertain family and friends for Mother's Day. The table that is the part of the set that Cliff and the kids got me for Mother's Day, so that after the surgery, there will be something that first month in my backyard that I can completely enjoy. The table that I have been watching for so eagerly to arrive because we were planning to use it this weekend in the last family holiday I am going to get to enjoy before my surgery and the two youngest boys will be gone for a month because I won't be able to care for them in that first month after the surgery. The table to the set that we'd seen in the Wal~Mart I worked at, tried out to see how well I could get up and down from the chairs, went home to think about for 2 days, then went back to buy and it had sold, and Karen didn't know when they would get another one in.So, we decided to have it delivered to the house because Wal~Mart.com had it in stock.

Can you tell I'm just a little upset? Ohhh, well, it gets better! I finally called the Wal~Mart I worked at until this thing with my back flared up in January to get the number for Wal~Mart.com because there is NO customer service number anywhere on the website. After they tracked that number down for me, I called them. I was told that the table had been returned to them for damage during shipping. Then, that they could not order the table to be re-shipped separately from the chairs. REally?! Because I know it does ship separately in two boxes because I have the chairs outside in my gazebo right now! Well, yes, it ships in two separate boxes, but cannot be ordered separately. We will have to have UPS pick up the chairs and return those, we'll go ahead and refund the half for the table to your credit card, then once we get the chairs, we'll credit that half. The chairs? So you're telling me I have to disassemble the chairs that have been on my gazebo for three weeks, box them and wait for UPS to pick them up? The box which we threw away because it was so damaged in shipping that we were worried that they were damaged- the box that was more shipping tape than cardboard? Well, if you can't find a free box, we can credit you for up to $15 to purchase another box to pack them in. Then, once we have everything back and everything has been credited back to your card, we can help you reorder the set, which is out of stock online at the moment, and then we will credit your account for the cost to ship it, waiving that shipping fee for you. No, we can't expedite the shipping for you, even though we know it's really been a huge inconvenience to you and no one should have to deal with this. No, if you happen to find that your local store has it in stock again, then we can't issue a store credit towards it because the .com area and the stores are under the same umbrella but essentially different divisions with different policies. They can accept returns ordered from the .com department, but we can't issues a credit or anything like that to use in the store for something like this. So you would have to fully purchase it at their price.

Alright, that sounds really harsh, and the young woman who was assisting me on the phone was very sympathetic and felt that it should be expedited for free as well as waiving the shipping costs, but her supervisors said no. She was very helpful and spent two hours with me on the phone trying to find more that she could do to make this better. To say that I am upset and disappointed is mild. I was expecting to see the table today at the latest. We ordered that particular set because the chairs are very well made and were very easy for me to get in and out of right now with as badly as I'm hurting, so we figured that I would still be able to enjoy them after the surgery and be able to sit out there and enjoy my backyard while recovering. So, I was dealing with that all afternoon, then had to call Cliff and tell him.

The only good note is, that I called the stored I worked at and they do actually have it in stock right now. So, we're going to package up the chairs for this set and have them ready for UPS to pick up, or perhaps we'll just leave the not assembled ones in the box and let UPS pick that up, and go ahead and purchase the set at the local store and still be able to have it for this weekend.

So, that's my reason for not mailing out today, as planned. I am going to finish my box today and have it ready and Cliff will run it to the PO tomorrow while he's off work. I'm really sorry about this, but I was so upset over the table, I know, kind of silly, but at the same time not, then Cliff and I discussing the problem and calling to see if the local store had it again, then cooking and homework with the boys. The evening was gone before I knew it.

All that said and off my chest (and I do feel a little better now, but I'm still torn between being royally POed and crying when I think about it) here are the updated links :)

Melissa 0309 0330 0000 5379 3115
Mark 0103 8555 7497 0825 7697
CA 0308 3390 0001 2393 4411
Karen 0308 0730 0000 2115 9278
Linda 0308 3390 0000 9953 2765
Denise 0308 0660 0000 0845 8563
Monica 0309 0330 0001 3059 5168
Dan 0308 3390 0000 2354 5212
Becky 0307 3330 0001 8134 4312
Kathy 0308 0070 0001 4811 6166
Joseph 0308 2690 0000 5541 1943
Heather 0307 0020 0001 9989 6822
Carol 0308 2040 0000 8226 5909
Joan 0306 2400 0003 0183 3483

If I missed anyone, let me know :) CA, I think the map is great!


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What the heck, Kat?! Are you SERIOUS?!
That makes ME upset. I don't blame you for being royally ticked. And feeling like crying. OhMiGOODNESS, I can NOT believe that. That is ridiculous. Oh, I wish I could make you feel better- I know...I know....
Lemme get them for you, Kat....

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Kathy, girl, that is the STUPIDEST thing I believe I've ever heard! I am sooo sorry for all the crap they are giving you.
You're a better person than I am hon, cause in that 2 hour phone call, I'd have wound up giving someone a very impolite piece of my mind.


PS - Go Attack Bunny! :)

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

that royally SUCKS! I think you should write a letter to the CO of the company..and tell him that you told an entire gardening website about it!

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Hey Kathy;
I would not box up the chairs, I would let the UPS guy do it. That is certainly not your problem. And if you used a credit card, all you need to do is call the credit card company and tell them the story. They will credit Walmart.com for the missing table.
After you have your new set all organized, I would go into action, try the Better Business Bureau also, Walmart is not exempt.
This can be your mission for your pre op and post op to keep your mind off your aches and pains. Nothing like a good fight to distract one from every day woes.
Sorry for the hassle but make it work for you.

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Kathy, that is awful! I'm sorry you're having such a day.

I've come down with a cold/fever, and feel miserable. I've spent the morning in bed, feeling a tad sorry for myself, and THEN the mailman came!! :) I received my package from Joseph!!

He sent me:

A very pretty and healthy division of Hosta
The next I may need help on, is it a Hen & Chick division? I don't have anything like it, and love it!
Mexican Shellflower bulbs, Tigridia mix..Very Pretty!
2 Virginia Bluebells..Beautiful!
2 Daylily 'Frans Hals' Love these too!
Brug Seeds, asst. Hybrid
Asst. seeds, Zinnia, Marigold, Celosia, & Helichrysum

Plant Tags,
Flexible Garden Ties (need these!)
Butterfly Hummingbird Feeder that suctions to the window! Cool!!

And some treats! 2 bags of Starburst Gummi Bursts (I was very selfish, ate them myself)
And some beef flavored dog treats for Ladybird. She loved them!

Thank You SOOO much Joseph! I love everything!!

It sure has been fun watching the boxes move! Thanks for hosting the swap, Bump! I'm going to keep following everyones boxes yet. And I'm excited to have been one of the first 3 to have my box sent! You promise no kitty litter?? lol.

Have a great day everyone! I'm going to lay down again for a bit. Will probably go see the Dr. this afternoon. Need to know what to tell my daycare families, otherwise I'd just tough it out.

:0) Karen

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Well I know where one of those boxes is not landing today, my mailman just came and went, no box for diene. That is okay, good things come to those who wait.

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That table and chair story is just awfull......so sorry that is happening to you Kathy. I didn't notice my package on your list...had published my confirmation number for mine mailed on Monday on the previous thread, but here it is again: 0308 3390 0001 7025 7419. Hope it is almost to it's new home. Yea!!!

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Great box, Karen! I haven't had time to update the map today (I've been in meetings all day), but I do see that at least two more folks should be getting their boxes today - and one is the box I sent!

Map coming in a few hours


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The mailman didn't bring me anything either, Diene!
Oh well....like you said, good things ARE worth waiting for! :O)

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Yeah, it really sucks and I'm still steaming over it. I fully intend to raise all kinds of chaos about this. After a month of waiting, it's really rather sad that this was how we were treated.

Excellent box Joseph and Karen! You did a wonderful job, Joseph!

I'm sorry I missed yours Pat, I'm still blaming things like that on the pain medications :P And Diene wanted me to go ahead and post hers, which she emailed to me privately, for reasons that will become apparent. So here's the latest clickable tracking list :)

Melissa 0309 0330 0000 5379 3115
Mark 0103 8555 7497 0825 7697
CA 0308 3390 0001 2393 4411
Karen 0308 0730 0000 2115 9278
Linda 0308 3390 0000 9953 2765
Denise 0308 0660 0000 0845 8563
Monica 0309 0330 0001 3059 5168
Dan 0308 3390 0000 2354 5212
Becky 0307 3330 0001 8134 4312
Kathy 0308 0070 0001 4811 6166
Joseph 0308 2690 0000 5541 1943
Heather 0307 0020 0001 9989 6822
Carol 0308 2040 0000 8226 5909
Joan 0306 2400 0003 0183 3483
Diene 0103 8555 7497 8178 5995
Pat 0308 3390 0001 7025 7419

AND while I was typing this up, my mail man rang the bell with a package for me from Linda!!!!! So, of course the post had to sit and wait until I rummaged through the goodies!

Linda sent me:
A 12 cell seed starter greenhouse- Always need more of these! I'll use it to start some of the things we want to get planted before the boys go to their father's!
A gorgeous green glass and wire suncatcher with a flower for the top piece
A precious little pot hugging gnome :)
A note pad small enough to fit in my pocket or gardening bag
A WHOLE package of mini Snickers!

Bunny Tail Grass
Mexican Sunflower
Spreading Dogbane- gotta look this one up! Linda, can you tell me more about it? What it needs and likes?
Scabiosa- Bejolais Bonnets
White Cypress Vine! I wanted this badly! I have the red and the white will look stunning with it!
Orange Canna Lily
Dwarf Pink Coreopsis
White Coneflower
Peach leaved Bell flower- WOW Peach colored leaves?!
Butterfly weed


Lmab's Ear
Red Hot Poker - Wanted this one too!!!
Russian Stonecrop Sedum- How pretty!!
Purple coneflower
Lily of the Valley
Hens and Chicks- another want of mine!! and tucked into the hens and chicks, a cute little rolly polly that hitched a ride, wanting to relocate to Oklahoma :P
And finished off with a lovely note on a really pretty card from linda telling me more about herself :)

Thank you so much, Linda! You made this last RR swap for me for several months very special! I'm gonna have the bratlings plant them all out this weekend, I'm hoping the daily great flood we're having lately will slack off so everything I have to plant out won't drown!

Kathy~ off to take a nap, hopefully!

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My package went out today- USPS #0308 2040 0001 9066 2287 priority.

Be back later!


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I guess that potatoe bug missed the spray down! Ugh! Sorry about that.."L". I don't know much about the dogbane but I don't think it would do well here so I thought it might like your place better.."S"
I'm happy you liked everything and it made your day a little better...now..go munch on those snickers!

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Well, I wondered about that box Denise sent that was sitting on the map in Memphis just a couple of hours away and sure enough! My mail lady brought to me right in the middle of one of todays downpours!YEAH!!!
It was just PACKED FULL of plants and Denise, I can't thank you enough for sharing with me!
Dianthus - Siberian Blues
Echinacea - Purple Coneflower & White Swan - these were on my wish list!
Sedum - Angelina
Brugmansia - Frosty Pink
(3) Stargazer Lily Bulbs - also on my wish list
Creeping Speedwell
Lupin - Purple or pink - I'll love either
2 starts of Curly Willow - love it!
and I think it's an Iris?? - purple and very fragant!
Datura metel - Ballerina Purple
Painted Daisy
Hillbilly Tomato - always need new tomatoes :)
Ludgers Windsong - Peanut Brugsmansia
Blanket Flower
Cosmos - Sensation Picotee
A great pair of green garden gloves and a beautiful card telling me more about herself and family along with 2 packs of green tea with peach
Denise, it was all just wonderful!! All the plants look so healthy and green and I just hope it hurries up and dries out enough for me to plant them this weekend!
Thanks again soooo much!


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Time to update the map with deliveries! I think IÂve captured everyone who posted DC#s that the USPS recognizes. Kathy we know hasnÂt mailed yet (so sorry to hear about your table troubles), Deb and Heather have posted DC#s, but they donÂt show on the tracker (DebÂs may just not be showing yet, sometimes it takes until evening. Heather, you may want to confirm you posted the correct number). Only Allison has not posted a DC# yet.

Has anyone else noticed that DanÂs parcel is the only one that hasnÂt moved anywhere? Now, I donÂt know him well, but from what IÂve read on these swap threads, he can be a bit of a prankster. Being the mailman that he is, does anyone else think he scanned a dummy DC slip into the system and then tossed it? I think the real box is traveling under a secret DC#. Or maybe IÂm just paranoid.

I drew white circles around the destinations of the boxes that have been received. Three that were posted in this thread and one that tracking says was delivered.

I havenÂt drawn all the lines, because I donÂt want to give two much away. So look closely at the icons near your house. Is there a box in your neighborhood? My box (purple pushpin) is awfully close to someone  can you find it? (BTW, I removed my name from the map, because the name tag was covering up a key box location)

I donÂt see any boxes heading in my direction :(


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Hi Guys!!

I think this has been the funnest (is that a word?)swap ever! I wasn't expecting anything today, but to my surprise I GOT A BOX!!!

Carol sent me 2 mega packs of bulbs with 44 liatris bulbs (my butterflies thank you), 6 pink begonias (loooooove begonias!) 30 limelight glads and 40 red king croscomia (looooove croscomias!) Also a hummingbird feeder (which is full of sugar water and hanging already)along with hummer syrup, a windchime in the shape of a watering can (looove it) 3 packs of plant markers, a really cute gnome riding a frog pot sitter and to keep my hands soft, some really nice smelling lotion.

Thank you sooooooo much Carol!! I loved it all and as soon as the rain stops everything is going in the ground!

Bump (and Dan) it's been such a fun swap, thanks for hosting!

Off to play in the dirt!!!


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I was so excited about the bulbs that I forgot to list the seeds :0)

forget me nots
shrub rose
columbine varigated leaves
cactus mix
lupine russell's mix
hummer wildflower mix
carnations chabaud mix
chinese lanters
columbine drangonfly mix
sweet pea mix

Thank you so much Carol!!

CA, that's a really cool map, keep up the good work!!


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Ooh, This is getting exciting! :O)

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ok here goes DC for #2
0103 8555 7497 9543 8467
yes I checked the dc for box #1 it is the right number =(
sadly if it doesn't get scanned along the way it will keep on saying that message even though I handed the box to the lady instead of dropping it into the box hoping she would scan it.

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Boxes may not get scanned sometimes between where they were mailed, and where they are going. I don't know why this is, but it does happen.
Of course, being the mailman that I am, perhaps I attached a note to the box asking for it to not be scanned until it was delivered.
Now, this isn't what I did, but I think it's great this time. Now NO ONE will be expecting my box and the recipient will be even more surprised when it arrives!
Great job on the maps! I think they really add to all the excitement, don't you?
G'nite, I'm going to bed. Hauling rocks last evening for a few hours seems to have made me more tired than I realized.

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A great box arrived from Sakura today.
dark purple and red and yellow heirloom iris
arabian knight dahlia
liatris spicata
sedum terantim
hyacinth bluebell
gummy worms
dark chocolate bar dh absconded with
black currant tea
rain gauge
cumin, flax and luffa seeds
thankyou Sakura, I love my box it is pouring here and I put out 75 floral arrangements today, so will try to plant tomorrow

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Hello People! As far as I can tell, all but one of the boxes have been sent out, and that's just fantastic! The deadline for mail-out is Saturday, and we've got packages criss-crossing this great nation of ours already. How cool is that? (to borrow a phrase from Dan) And, it looks like there may be a package in the mail for me to inspect today once Dan opens it! Meow!
Last night Dan worked indoors, watering the plants and getting them ready to move outdoors. I helped him a little, telling him which ones were ready, which ones needed a little more water, etc. The funny thing is though, I don't think he really appreciated my help. He kept telling me to get out of the way, back off, and sometimes even lifted me off of the shelves and put me on the floor. Now, what kind of gratitude is that? Here I am, offering my expertise, and he keep moving me out of the way. Thankfully, Stella came along and helped me straighten him out. For about two minutes. Then we were put into the bedroom and locked in for about another half-hour. We kept hearing noises like running water and things being moved around, and I kept scratching at the door to let Dan know he'd locked us in, but he didn't let us out. Once he did finally open the door, we rushed right out and inspected everything but the plants. I couldn't get to those because the vinyl was back on the front of his greenhouses. What a pity!
We forgave him though. Eventually. Actually, just in time to snuggle up to him when he was in bed.
Everyone have a great day!
And, for those of you who receive boxes today, keep posting and keep enjoying!
It's been a lot of fun hosting this for you all!

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Great boxes everyone! I'm going to update the clickable tracking links here shortly, but I'm a little confused... not uncommon :P... Heather has two boxes?

Oh, and my local store did have my patio set in stock, so we went ahead and bought it there. We left the chairs boxed up and UPS can just pick that up rather than us disassembling the chairs we've had for three weeks. The have already completed the credit for the table, that half of the money is already back in my account. So, at the moment, we're only out the half for the chairs, but once they get those and get the credit through we'll actually be ahead. See, we won't be paying the shipping cost. Did all that sound confusing? So, I'm gonna take some pictures later, if it doesn't rain again. I'm so excited to have my new patio set!


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Yay! My box was delivered yesterday! I hope she enjoyed everything!

Annndddd....there's a box in Little Rock today! I wonder if that might be headed *my* way??
*keeping fingers crossed & bouncing up and down*

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

okay..I don't see nuthin heading for PA..."getting out bifocals"

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There is a box in Saco, Maine that I hope has my name on it. My box was shipped on Monday, I just did not post until yesterday as I thought it would be delivered yesterday but apparently it decided to visit in a intermediary location for a day or two. Hopefully my box will arrive at it's destination today.
I will keep you informed about the anticipated arrival of the Saco box.


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Karen's box arrived yesterday! I had a lot of fun going through it! I'm planting everything today, Thanks so much Karen for such a nice box!

Banana pup (I LOVE these! I haven't had one in a few years) the other one that I had grew from seed! I left it outside one Fall night and we had unexpected frost, so I lost it). Banana plants make really nice tropical houseplants!
Fernleaf peony (I've never had a fernleaf before, it arrived in really good condition, not a leaf broke!)

Heuchera, I love these too! Tracy (Tracyvine) sent me one last year, and it's my new fav plant!

Hosta "Blue boy" I've wanted this one for so long! I purchased one, but it turned out to be mislabeled, and never turned blue.

Iben's semp (I have to look this up)
Daylily "Woodside Ruby" (can't wait to see the bloom)
Daylily "Arctic Snow" (another daylily, I love them!)
L.A hybrid Lily bulb "Trinity" (love the foliage)

Seeds- Aquilegia "Ruby Port"
Asarina Erubescens
Larkspur "Splish Splash"
Sweet pea "Fragrant Ripples"
(I have to look all of these up) and will plant them ASAP!

Gloves and shovel too!

Thanks so much Karen! Going to play in the dirt today for at least an hour!


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

OOH - I'm clicking links to update the map - and I see there's a box in Virginia! I'm still in Milwaukee, waiting for my flight home. Looks like my first errand when I get home will be a trip to the PO to pick up my box. Yippee!


PS - I have to shut down the computer in about 3 minutes to get on the plane - so I probably won't get the map updated before I get home.

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The mailman just pulled down the driveway and I hope left my box, I am off to see the contents. DH says it should be for him since it is his birthday but no way!!

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Deb, the plant you wanted to look up is Iberis sempervirens. I think I need to watch how I write, because I sent a division of this plant in another swap, and she too had to look up Iben's semp. lol Sorry for the confusion! I'm glad you like everything!

Have a great day everyone!!

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I LOVED everything! I'm totally in love with the fernleaf peony! I've never seen one before! I can't believe how well the banana shipped too! Everything shipped perfectly! This has been one of my best swaps~ I'm so thrilled with everything!


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Well I received not a small box but a large box from Joan, it had lots of great things in it, she packed it well but not tough enough for my mail carriers. Two of the things were broken, one not seriously and one beyond repair. It makes me soo mad that I am contemplating stopping swapping.
Well enough of that, let me tell you what I recieved;
First a great note from Joan telling me about her life then all of this:

A huge bag of seeds, I have them all written down but have no idea where I put the list so I will try to go from memory and refresh the list later.
Two types of peppers
Yellow beans
Autumn Beauty Sunflower

well I did not do well with these from memory so I will be back later to give you the complete list
Next were the plants:
Siberian Iris

Then there were the gardening aids: garden gloves, trowel, plant markers, peppermint lip balm

Next the garden decorations: A really nice wooden birdhouse, A wind sock, two chinese lanterns, a nice terracotta hanging sign and a really neat dream rock

I have been trying to post this for two hours, did I mention DH is home today. I need to go now but I will be back later.

Thank you very much Joan, it was great.

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)

I see my box has found a home! did ya find it????


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

When the taxi let me off at my front door, I could see the package waiting for me! Saved me a trip to the PO, but Im not sure why it was left. Usually boxes sent with delivery confirmation require me to go pick them up. Im not complaining, though!

My box was from Heather, and was full of goodies
3 plants:
Virginia sweetspire (on my list!)
Thornless blackberry (on my list!)
Rudbeckia "goldsturm"
4 bulbs/roots:
Rattlesnake orchid
Red Trillium
Yellow Trillium
White trillium
(Ive wanted trilliums, even though theyre not on my list. Triple yippee!)
2 grow kits:
Sensitive plant
Norway spruce
5 seed packs:
Canterbury bells
Gold Rush Beans
Burgundy Gallardia
Purple basil
And in honor of Bumps hosting: Cat Grass
Heather also sent soil pellets for the seeds and plant tags for the seeds and roots.

Thanks, Heather, this was a great box! Now I need some dry weather to get all this planted. I have puddles in my yard, and it is still raining. There was thunder a few minutes ago.

When I got home I had about 15 minutes of sun to inspect my gardens. Everythings growing, especially the weeds! No flowers on the peas yet. 3 clematis blooming. TB Irises need another few days. Roses are lovely. Spanish bluebells are almost done. Seed starts are begging to be transplanted.

I had the map all updated until I just saw Mark's post. I'll add that movement and post in a munite.


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Here's the map. Lots of "completed" circles!

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I got a box from Dan today!! YAY!
He sent:

~White yarrow
~Purple french lilac
~Yellow Rose
~2 UNKNOWN plants (I love surprises!!)

~marigold- crackerjack
~crape myrtle
~datura tatula
~seashell cosmos
~carrot-purple dragon
~organic swiss chard

~spider & wolf tattoos (girls are fighting over these!)
~pinecones-gypsy has claimed these!
~laughing bag!
~gourmet cherry flavored popcorn
~jiffy pellets
~froggie plant ties
~plant food spikes
~soil test kit
~angel food cake lotion

Thanks so much, Dan!! I'm fighting the kids for the popcorn, and they won't quit playing with the laughing bag. :O) Gypsy loves the pinecones, and wants me to plant that catgrass ASAP.
I'll get out in the yard later today, after the sun gets a bit lower....it's scorching without any shade! UGH!

Oh, and an ANT. I guess Dan thought we didn't grow 'em right here in Arkansas, so he sent one of the Michigan ones. LOL
(it's kinda on the puny side, if ya ask me.....!!) :P

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Wow Cheryl, looks like you got a GREAT box. Very cool. You too Deb. Karen, I love the fern leaf peony do you have any for trade? HeHe:)

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Today I got a wonderful box from Monica(mommyto2) would have had it yesterday but our substitute postman did not leave the box and I had to pick it up today(he didn't know me)
This box was overflowing, Thanks so much Monica!!!
I got seed:
scarbiosa atropurpurea: beaujolais bonnets
flowering maple
white pampas grass
mixed sunflower
mexican hat flower
Salvia, yvonne;s
zinnia, mixed
agastache, golden jubilee
japanese morning glory: hatsu atrashi
ornamental grass, bunny tales
amaranth, pygmy torch

and plants:
yarrow, cloth of gold
agastache, lavender haze
dahlia, bishops children
gaillardia, amber wheels
bee balm

canna, red stripe
bearded iris, can can red

and wonderful goodies;
a cute garden sign
garden row markers
peat pellets

I hope I remembered everything, it was just WONDERFUL!!!!!!!Thanks again,Monica.

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Melissa, make sure you get some of that popcorn! Traverse City bills itself as the cherry capital of the world, and we have a HUGE festival every July. I went downtown last Friday night and found the store that sells the gourmet popcorn, and bought two bags. I ate the other one last night.

Now, let me tell you all about what happened to me today. Today we got absolutely slammed with mail and parcels at work, and by the time I put that last piece of junk mail in the last mailbox, I was tired and a bit "out of sorts" you might say. A back that's still sore from hauling field stone for the yard Tuesday night may have had something to do with this. So, I arrive home, and there's a flat rate box sitting beside my door. As I shut the car off and walked towards my front door, my mood started to lift. Hmmm, wonder what that is? Lo and behold, diene delayed posting her dc# and surprised me with my box! How cool is that? Pretty cool, I say! So, I open the door, say hello to the kids, then sit myself down at the kitchen table. Reach out, scratch a couple of furry heads. Open the box. I'm not sure how diene got all of it into that box, but she did. I know I can't fit it all back in.
Diene sent...
Herbal Foot Cream (this feels sooo good!)
Separate bags of toys for Stella and Bump (all of which are being tried out at this moment, they love the bag of catnip! lol)
Container of Shells and Sand (YAY!!! Sand dollars!!!)
Wagonload of free kittens (wooden desk decoration, cool!)
Wooden Cat Note-holder
A Brass-n-Colored Stone Hanging Decoration (have room for just 1 more outside on the porch awning, and now it's filled!)
Bag to hold gardening goodies (I'll put this to good use!)
Set of Fiskars Trowel and Handrake (can't find mine in the shed, so perfect timing on these!)
A note telling me how she got the name diene (it came from her sister when she was just 6 months old)
FOOD!!! (including the biscotti I'm about to finish right now) There's biscotti (for now anyway), flavored coffee, flavored tea, and flavored iced tea (these flavors are great!)
A "Grow Your Own Supermodel" (results may vary)
Seeds for...
fuschia astilbe
cream hollyhocks
allium (been wanting some of these)
japanese lilies
witch hazel (perfect for the Halloween garden!)
orange poppies (more for the Halloween garden!)
red astilbe
pink astilbe
Plants... (with plant markers, I might add)
Barbara Mitchell daylily
Variegated Hosta (almost bought some this past weekend)
Siberian Iris (been wanting this!)
A Mystery Plant (I like getting these!)
Red Bud Cherry Tree
And Phlox!

Not only did diene send stuff I wanted and had on my list, but she also sent stuff I didn't know I wanted, until now!

Diene, THANK YOU for such a great box! It was great, and made my day!

---and now, I've got to go get all of this in the ground---

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Hey, Ya'll!

Sorry to be MIA! My stupid Internet went down Tuesday and we just got it back up. Yippee!

SO ... my DC # is 0308 2690 0000 3850 0763. That's the first box, LOL! I waited to see if the weather would cooperate so that I could dig up a few things, but it didn't. So the second box will go out on Monday. Didn't want my partner to have to wait for everything :)

AND ... my box from Bunny came! WOO HOO! Thanks so much!!! I did the happy dance all day long :)

I got 7 amazing iris -- Jessie's Song, Red at Night, Bewilderbeast, Cherry Garden, Honorable, New Snow, and Immortality -- a hoya, and an African violet! I also got a citronella candle, some chocolate tea (yum!) and a big thing of Liquifeed with a refill. What an awesome box. I know exactly where everything is going to go. Yippee!


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Cheryl, I had to keep my mouth shut every time I wanted to post something It would have given it away that you live in the same state. LOL but the CAT'S out now. oh..mayday swap I was thinking MAYHEM lol. This was a fun swap! Can't wait to get my box!

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Hey Dan;
I did not mean to send a mystery plant, what does it look like while I still remember what I dug up!!
Along those same lines, I cannot find the list I wrote from my huge box from Joan so I have the seed bag right here in front of me.
Since my memory is shot, I am going to list them all again:
Cleome Mix
Mignonette (no idea but will be checking it out when I finish)
Salvia Paradise
Autumn Beauty Sunflower
Chinese Lantern
Cherokee Wax Garden Bean
Grand Bell Pepper
Sweet Banana Pepper
Gourd Birdhouse
Black SD Simpson Lettuce

Thanks again Joan, now all I need is some sunshine.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

I got my box from Mark today which was a great pick me up. I've been feeling really bummed with the health news I've received and have been moping around. I have to admit though that it was with great fear and trepidation that I opened it. I've read Mark's post on several of these swaps. I wasn't sure if something would jump out at me or if he had sent one of his science experiments gone wrong that would wrap its spiny tendrils around me and pull me back in the box never to be seen again! So I carefully cut the packing tape and slowly eased back the flaps to find a boxfull of all types of goodies! And the packing material he used was all different kinds of wrapped candies! There was a nice note telling me about all Mark. I found it most interesting. Here is everything else that was in the box:

leather pouch - made by Micah. Thank you Micah. I'll probably have to fight DH for that.
journal for gardening I needed a new one!
garden cultivator
drink mix packages
dried tomatoes from his garden
dried Granny Smith apples from his garden
lavender starting kit in a can
a mesh bag - great for protecting flower heads
cool garden gloves
hen and chicks starts - been wanting these
cinnamon candle
stevia plant
jiffy windowsill greenhouse
Dove dark chocolate bar
huge jaw breaker
blue seed potato - can't wait to start this
Dyntene Mints
seed envelopes with ants on them

lettuce Grand Rapids
lettuce Summer Glory
ornamental grass
holly - going to try again mine didn't grow last year
Rose of Sharon

Thank you so much Mark. It was a terrific box!

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

one more map before I head off to bed. I show four who have not received boxes (Heather, Joseph, Linda, and Mark) and four whose boxes have not been delivered (Kathy, Deb, Allison, and Becky). Correct?

And a question for Heather: one of the seed packs you sent is for "Gold Rush Beans". Are these wax beans (eat the pod) or white beans (eat just the bean)? I've found one of each with the name "Gold Rush". Just want to know what to expect.... Thanks again for a wonderful box! I've potted up the plants - I'll have to wait for things to dry out a bit before digging. Part of my yard has inches of standing water!


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

yepper..I'm on the "no box yet" list..."setting trap for mailman"....

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Mine is actually mailing today. Cliff had to come back to get it because he forgot it even after I reminded him this morning. It didn't make it yesterday, we had several things we had to finish yesterday while he was off. Poor guy, he never seems to get to rest and relax on his days off any more. But, it is on it's way today!

I'm going to try to take a picture of the new patio set under the gazebo later today, if it doesn't start pouring again the way it looks like it's going to. Yesterday was a rain free day and we actually saw this big yellow thing in the sky and it was very muggy and there was this warmth.... wonder what that thing was... and if it will come back. I kind of liked it and I think my plants did too.

The boys, hopefully, will be able to finish planting several plants in their garden that have been resting outside with some protection from the wind and rain. I've not been able to plant a thing since I received Nikki's box. We've had nothing but rain since then. So everything has been on hold waiting for the ground to dry a little so the new plants didn't drown. Thankfully, I don't think we've lost but a couple of marigolds, a couple of my variegated firespray tulips,a dusty miller or two. Not a whole lot considering how over saturated the ground here has been.

Does anyone want me to continue updating the clickable links? Should I just do the ones that haven't been delivered yet?

By the way, there have been some amazing boxes! Mark, you asked in the last thread, who was wanting a rooted Bleeding Heart, that was me :)
Denise, was that Sedum - Angelina from your garden? I would love to get a cutting of that. Joan, once it gets big enough, let me know if you'd like to work a trade for a cutting of it. A gold sedum would be so pretty! Heather and CA just one word - Trilliums *Swoon!* I am sooooo jealous!!! Diene and Dan, all those astilbes made me drool! I need to get some more, mine don't seem to have handled winter here very well. But they were rather young still when they got put in last year. Becky, let me know how the blue potato does, I've been thinking about trying it, but haven't quite worked myself up to it yet.

I'll post clickables for those that haven't been received yet a little later. Need to finish getting the bratlings off to school.


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Yesterday was the first nice day in over a week. We did have a little rain early and then sun the rest of the day. So I was working outside till late. Anyway this is what you guys have been waiting to ooh and aah over.


1 pack of 2 bulbs-white daffodils-very neat looking
1 pack of 2 roots-red dahlias

Other stuff

a garden mushroom and attached gnome-It arrived broken:(
note pad
mini clip board
pack of pens-floral design
garden marker-"Gardeners Know the Best Dirt"

Thank you Pat:)


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Kathy's box is on the map! And one more is showing movement (though it's current location looks a bit odd, I think)
Here's the whole map:

and a detail of the area still in play.

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Oooh, look at all those purty lines!!
This is really fun, I like seeing all the surprises everyone is getting! :O)

Dan~ I got 3 bites of that popcorn! LOL Adora (the 3 yr old) ran off with it, and ate the entire bag. Darn kid. (good thing she's cute.... :P )
I was telling hubby about it, told him about being the cherry capitol and all that....he said "In Michigan?! Who'd have thunk it?" LOL
I guess that's just not the first place you think of when you think of cherries. :O)

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)

Can it be? Do I have a package near by? A package from Deb is in Greensboro, NC!!!! That's only 30 miles away...

But... Greensboro is also a major hub for package distribution.. :(


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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Why didn't you tell me I had your location wrong on the map? I used the first place your box showed up, which apparently is not where you mailed it from...

I guess I have to redo the map. Maybe later - it's not currently raining, so I should be outside now.


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Meow! Look, Stella, see all the pretty lines? Makes me want to go see if Dan has some string laying out, what about you?

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Woo hoo! It's the weekend! Hope everyone had a great week. It's 5 p.m. ... I'm busting out the Baileys ... and maybe a splash of tea.

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

pass some this way Allison...I've been moving stones today.."L"

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jdkind(zone 6)

hello all

my puter crashed
Hay bump my box was the first received! So i believe it was the first one sent?
linda i don't see any lines cumming toward PA?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I don't either Joseph...I think we've been forgotten..."sniffing and wiping tear from eye"..."G"

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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)


I figured you put my name where the box landed first. It started in Randleman, NC. It hopped across the country in one day. Took a couple more days to get to the destination.

No box when I got home. I will be on a science club field trip all day at Carowinds. I guess if something shows up tomorrow, I will get it about midnight.


PS: I need to start the mad science lab going for next month's swap.... hmmmm... something botanical? Animalia? Protista? Fungi? Monera? maybe... a genetic blending of all the above???

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"picturing something hairy with scales and fungus growing out of it"..you know Mark, your boxes can really get scary sometimes!!!

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Personally, I think he should grow some sort of mushroom that has fangs and large, bushy eyebrows.

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Good morning!
I moved Mark, and updated box locations. I don't know what to say about mail service to western PA....

Now I have to go finish digging up plants so I can head out to my first MAG swap. Very exciting, and I'll get to meet Denise. (D, I have a hellebore with your name on it!) And for the second day in a row, I see sun! Happy weekend, everyone.


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I got a box! I got a box! "jumping up and down"..and it's from Allison! (how's the sprout doing?)

Here's what she had in it:
a really nice pair of gardening gloves (nice fit too)
metal butterfly gardening stake (this will go in the back garden)
grow bug capsules (wonder if I can put this in the bathtub.."G")
garden claw (I love claws, they just get in there and rip stuff that needs ripped)
flexible garden tie (good for staking)
3 orange perfection phlox (these are gorgeous!)
20 mixed glads (I have a nice sunny spot for these)
sweet pepper seeds
red tomato seeds
yellow tomato seeds..yah! veggies
zinna envy (green is so cool)
shirley poppy falling in love (pretty)
zinna pinwheel mix (have I mentioned I LOVE zinnas?)
giant moonflower (scented for evening)
scarlett O'Hara morning glory (these go in the hummingbird garden)
purple prince zinna (nice color)
highlight hybrid zinna (these are a bright yellow and sorta look like a daisy)
Barlow mix columbine (did I mention I LOVE columbine.."L")
wildflower butterfly garden mix (need I say more?)

thanks Allison! I love my box and now I"ll have planting to do today!

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Yippee! Glad you box made it, Linda! I've also got a yellow daylily and orange daylily that I'm sending your way Monday. I just couldn't get them dug up in time :)

Sprout is good. Growing so fast!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


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Meow! We have just one more box out there, waiting to be delivered, which it should be on Monday. I want to thank you all for making this such a quick, easy swap to host!
(clapping paws)
You've all been terrific, and this swap went even better than I'd hoped! And all those pictures you shared! That was just too too cool!
(insert round of applause here)

Everyone have a great weekend!


-Bump, Dan, & Stella

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Heather's Box#2 was waiting at my door when I got home this afternoon. The first box was enough, but Heather had to go and send more!
More seeds: Maltese Cross, Echinacea 'White Swan', Gaillardia 'Razzle Dazzle', Lavender, Mesclun mix.
And peat pellets and plant markers for each.
Also come choclate caramel coffee, strawberry licorice, and a Cinderella ice pack (Heather, how did you know I'm so clumsy?)
Heather, you shouldn't have, but thanks a bunch!


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Cheryl you live so close that I didn't have to send a flat rate box so for the price of a flat I could send 2 boxes and plus everything didn't fit in the one. And the answer to your question they are yellow wax beans.
I received my box from Becky
white 4:00s
cleome white queen
cosmos cosmic orange
queen sophia marigold
yellow zinnia
bachelor button
rose of sharon
african marigold
black eyed susan
lupine mix
mexican hats
penny cream marigolds
redbud tree
velvet queen
coreopsis tinctoria
cleome cherry and violet
ageratum blue mink
rudbeckia marmalade
shasta daisy akaska
snapdragon tall deluxe
forget me nots
balsam bush doubles
seed envies
garden ties
sunshine man decor
ladybug toy
nozzle sprayer
3 blaze calladiums
2 Madame Butterfly canna
Thank you so much Becky!

    Bookmark   May 9, 2009 at 5:56PM
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This *may* not be the best place to post these pics....unless, of course, our host is a vegetarian.....
But I can't resist. They are so gosh darn cute, I have to share!
These little guys are hiding out in the honeysuckle bush in our front yard.
He's brand new- his brothers & sisters aren't even hatched yet!

I'll have to take a few more pics in a day or 2...when all these little fellas are hatched out!
I love babies!!! :O)

    Bookmark   May 9, 2009 at 8:10PM
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YUM...YUM!!! Pass the salt and pepper, thank you!

    Bookmark   May 9, 2009 at 10:05PM
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Well, not to tempt you further (please forgive me), but they have hatched out even MORE today! We've got 1 more baby, and one trying to get out! YAY!
What a nifty mother's day present, huh??

    Bookmark   May 10, 2009 at 1:33PM
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What? What'd I do? hehehe (looking innocent)

    Bookmark   May 10, 2009 at 6:49PM
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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)


I got a box yesterday while I was out. I got a box from Deb. It had:

Seasons Magazine


Autumn Sedum
Deer Tongue: basket plant
Boston Ivy, red in spring and fall
a few mixed glad bulbs
a caladium bulb
5 unknown bulbs
one F.M. Joyner caladium bulb

package of empty seed packs for packing seeds this fall


orange trumpet vine
purple cone flower
butterfly weed
sweet william mix
black eye susan
love in a mist
morning glory
Chinese forget me not

Thank you for the nice assortment


    Bookmark   May 10, 2009 at 8:01PM
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Good Evening All;
Does that mean we are done? Wow this one did go quick. By the way Dan, I just realized that I sent you a sapling for the cherry tree but called it a redbud tree. I thought you might like to see what it's Mama looks like today.

Boy HNB, those pictures are amazing, do you know what kind of birds they are? Where are they that you can take those pictures? Your kids must be so excited, what a great thing.
Hope everyone had a great day, I finished planting the veggies we bought yesterday, I do much better with flats than from seed although I do have some seedlings to plant if they ever get big enough.
Then I went to see my parents and spent the afternoon with them. They are not aging well but I still love them.
Came home and worked outside until dark. It was sunny in the morning, rainy in the afternoon and sunny but very windy late afternoon.
Hope everyone had a great day.

    Bookmark   May 10, 2009 at 9:03PM
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Hi Mark,
The unknown bulbs are hyacinth bulbs. I wrote it in marker on the bag, but it could of wiped off.


    Bookmark   May 10, 2009 at 10:18PM
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Diene, thanks for the picture of the cherry tree! It's always nice to know what the plants are going to look like, isn't it? LOL!

We've got one more box out there, and I'm thinking it'll be delivered today, or tomorrow at the latest. Once Joe posts the contents of his box, I'll close this swap and we can all look for the June swap to be posted by Melissa. I'm looking forward to that one! She always makes it interesting!
Have a good Monday Everyone!

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 6:09AM
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Diene~ They are sparrows- I saw the mom today. I thought they might be robins, because of the eggs....but the mom is definitely a sparrow. The nest is inside a honeysuckle bush along a fence in our yard. Every year we have several nests inside- but we've never found one this early. It's usually when the babies are big enough to make noise.
It was an awesome Mother's Day present, though. There is nothing more exciting than watching new life be brought into the world- no matter WHAT species it is! :O)

I'm getting things together for the June swap. I'll try to keep it tame....but ya just never know....

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 10:11AM
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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

"handing Bunny whip and chair"..we just never know with you Miss Bunny!

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 10:45AM
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Hope all had a great weekend! Diene, sorry I didn't have any plants to send you, but my order came in from T&M, so you have a bubble envelope going out tomorrow with the seeds I ordered for you.
Bump, I really enjoyed your swap and thanks for being a great host!
It's still raining here. :(


    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 2:10PM
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We're still waiting to see if Joe got his box today...
and, while we're all waiting, I want to remind everyone to head over to the rate and review forum to leave a note about their sender.....

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 4:09PM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

I know it's been delivered this afternoon and I'm looking forward to seeing what he thought of my choices! I always get excited when a partner receives a box from me! It's almost as fun as receiving one myself! I'm going to go lie back down with this headache, I managed to pull something badly yesterday and have a horrible headache as well as tender muscles and spasms. I'll check back later to see if he's posted :)


    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 4:40PM
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Kathy's box was delivered to Joe's house at 2:30 today, so right now all we're waiting for is for Joe to come home from work, open up what I know is going to be a terrific box, and post it all here for us to enjoy with him.
Can't you just feel the anticipation!
And, do you all realize this means we did this in just one week? Is that some kind of record? Is it? Does anyone know?
-Dan & Bump(who is currently taking a nap)

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 5:18PM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Is he here yet? *peering around* The suspense is gnawing away at me! Joooseph, where are yooooou?!


    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 9:17PM
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markcase1964(7 Piedmont NC)


Hyacinth bulbs? COOL DEAL! Thank you so much


    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 9:26PM
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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Yippee! I can post the final map now. Ooh, pretty colors. Bump and Stella, I know they look like strings, but they're not. So don't claw the screen, please.

Thanks Bump and Dan for a great swap. This was fun!


    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 10:27PM
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Thanks Bump and Dan for a great time on this swap, so much fun, the guessing!! Sorry I haven't had much in the way of personal plants and seeds to trade....have had to rely on purchased things....but with all the generosity of the gardeners here and the inspiration of the script and pictures, I know soon I will be trading things from my renewed gardens! Thanks to all....Pat

    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 1:20AM
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jdkind(zone 6)

hello all
I received my wonderful box from Kathy Yesterday! Sorry I couldn't post till now hectic day!
Christmas tree granules (to aid in watering the plants)
Christmas bulb ( humming bird attractant)
post its
hanging decretive bags
clear glass vase
cook book/coupons
garden markers
seed starting/jiffy greenhouse refill
hanging decoration
plants, Hosta
blue/purple Iris
yellow iris
white iris
white lily of the valley
pink bleeding heart
twinkle toes
seeds,Indian corn
cinnamon vine
4 o'clock yellow
blue and white single columbines
strawberry popcorn
hollyhock mix
sunflower vanilla ice
mg's grandpa ott's
brandywine tomatoes
japanese black trifle
salvia red,nubicola
and so many more i don't have time to mention right now. I have to go to work.

Thank you so much kathy. I loved my box! Thanks also to Bump and Dan for hosting this wonderful swap!

Kathy you take care
Wishing you a successful surgery with a speedy recovery!
God bless you

    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 6:18AM
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I received an email from Pat informing me that she had sent seeds. I'm so glad I still had the box because sure enough they were lodged at the very bottom. The box was the exact width of the seed packs. So here are the items that were missed. Catnip, Dahlia,Four O'Clocks, Hollyhock, English Daisy, Foxglove, Johnny Jump Ups, and three types of M.G. Pat, Sorry I missed the seeds the first time. Thank you for them, looks like I will have plenty of seeds to plant for my winter sowing.



    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 6:36AM
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MEOW!!! Would you look at that??? We're all done!!! Everyone sent/received some great boxes, and hosting this swap was a lot of fun! Stella, Dan, and I want to thank everyone who participated for getting those boxes out so quickly, sharing all of those pictures, and reporting the contents of the boxes so promptly! Special thanks go out to Cheryl and Kathy for keeping the dc#'s organized and drawing those pretty maps! (C, you sure that isn't string? Just checking.)
Don't forget to leave a note about the person who sent your box to you on the rate and review forum. I've provided a direct link to it below.
And now, Stella & I can go take a nap. It's been fun everyone!

    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 6:58AM
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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Joseph, I'm so happy you liked everything! Did it all arrive in good condition?
Thanks for the well wishes! And thank you Bump and Dan for hosting this and thank you to Stella too, cause I'm sure she was helpful :)


    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 7:45AM
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Sorry not to let this die but when I went to the rate and review for Joan and looked at her addy I wondered and sure enough, I missed her birthday by four days. Happy Birthday Joan.

PS thanks for the kind words Dan

    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 8:16AM
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jdkind(zone 6)

hello all

Yes Kathy everything found it's way here in perfect condition! much better luck than I have with ebay!!!!=)

I wanted to let everybody know what else I received!
can't forget the box of girl scout cookies dosidoes (yum)
bell pepper mix
yarrow white
pampas grass white
vitex chaste free
primrose tall yellow
Heuchera dale's strain
grape hyacinth mix
coyote (ind) cherry tomato's
dwarf red plains coreopsis
long red cayenne pepper
jewels of opar
mg lavender
black caps berry
lav/purple wisteria
black pearl ornamental edible hotpepper
cosmos daydream
eccremocarpus scaber tresco hybrids
mg scarlet o'hare
tovarah-painter's paletteafrican sunflower jaffa ice
bread-seed poppy
purple pink petunia
big leaved blue hosta
tithonia fiesta del solfreesia
marigold dwarf french mix
and beach chair post cards

I sure hope i did not forget anything! Kathy thanks again for everything
Now I need to make time to go and play in the dirt.


    Bookmark   May 12, 2009 at 8:48PM
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