Papaya bud

smallfern(9b)May 14, 2013

I need some help please. Can anyone tell, from the shape of this bud, if this papaya tree is male, female or hermaphrodite?


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I think it's still a bit small to tell. Male flowers start to come out in clusters, a single flower like that suggests it might be a female. Hermaphrodites also tend to cluster.

That's the way I tell (guess) which they are. Also the growth rate. I find males are more vigorous, females grow a bit slower. I have a self sown male that is a mass of flowers now. Another self sown plant is coming along more slowly so I'm hoping it will turn out female.

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Thank you tropicbreezent. Will watch carefully but now with a better idea of what to take note of.

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A photo I took of the male today.

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I have 4 large plants (over 8ft)
and several that are between 3-5ft
not 1 of them are males.
They are all Maradol, or Red lady,
mostly store bought fruit seeds.

The couple i do have that are Hawaiian, are a few inches tall, so i dont know the gender.

What variety is this ? What is the climate like ?

From what i read, you can cut the top off (just a few inches)
and it will change to a female, or Herm.
I also read you can put a nail into it, to change it.

One of mine went from a female, to a Herm after a large rain that almost killed it.

Do you have a lot of Papaya ?
Maybe we could trade some seeds, or even wood
i want to try more varieties.

nice looking plant though...

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Brad, when I bought my potted Red Lady at Lowe's, it had both male and female plants in the pot.

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oh, too bad you lost the female
they shouldnt even sell male plants, most growers try to have as many HERM plants as possible, that way the seeds hardly have any males.

Like i said though, you can try to make it a herm
by putting it into shock

someone here used iron fert,
and it started having herm flowers
other good info on this thread too...

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I think my plant is male. :(
Advice on how to shock the thing to change its gender will be really appreciated.

Will look at greenman's link too.

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