mango bacterial leaf blight

tvoneicken(9b)January 31, 2014

I bought a small mango tree close to a year ago and this fall it developed what looks like bacterial leaf blight (angular black spots) on almost all its leaves. I removed most leaves about a month ago. Given our crazy california january it's now starting to put out new shoots which look good so far. I'm wondering what to do, if anything. One option is to just keep removing leaves that show spots, although that probably means defoliating the tree except for the new shoots... I've read about copper spray but I wonder whether that also defoliates (it does with apricots as far as I can tell). Or should I destroy the tree and try to find a new one? I'm pretty sure it came with the disease because I bought another tree for a friend who has the same problem. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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im no expert on leaf blight, but i had similar spots on my mango.
(mine may have been whitefly / scale...)

i used NEEM oil and it seemed to help.
mine isnt that bad, so im just letting it go.
i figure spring isnt far away, sunshine should make it grow faster hopefully the new leaves will be OK

as long as you can keep it from spreading to other trees, i would keep it, and maybe just remove the real bad spots

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