growing dragonfruit from seed

snapdragon997May 8, 2012

Hello. I bought some dragonfruit seeds online on Amazon because I love drgaonfruit. I've searched grocery stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Asian markets, and farmers markets, but have never been able to find them ever. I searched online and found 3 at Frieda's, but shipping is $40 and 3 fruit are $37!!!! I am not paying that just for 3 fruits. It's about $120 for a lb box which is just too much so I thought why not grow from seed. It's been about a month and there is only 1 tiny sprout. It's taking forever to grow. I found this online 'Dragon Fruit Juicy Sweet Fragrant Flower FRUITING SIZE' What does that mean? What exactly is fruiting size? Also, does anyone know a well-known place online to buy the fruit cheap? Anyone know of any growers that ship to the east coast? I discovered but many people called it a scam and the checkout page looks sketchy. Thank you for your help!!!

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Also am starting to think my one tiny sprout is a weed because it doesn't look like normal dragonfruit that I've seen on YouTube videos. YouTube videos show the sprouts as two and mine is only one.

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If you want to purchase dragon fruits, there are several reliable online organizations that will ship the dragon fruits to you at reasonable price:


Local harvest is an organization that promotes local farmers in Florida that sells tropical fruits on line. They are reliable and trustworthy. lists all of the appropriate tropical fruit growers that can ship various tropical fruits to you.

Unfortunately, dragon fruit is not in season right now so you will need to check the sites periodically. In terms of the sites such as;; are all scams - they are owned by the same person, please do not buy from them (I made a mistake and my money was taken and they never ship the product nor responded to my numerous inquiries).

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Dragon Fruit seeds germinate easily. They don't look much like the mature pitaya for quite a while. It takes a very long time for the plant to reach fruiting size. I agree with the previous post. Buy a mature plant or get cuttings from someone on the plant exchange. A pitaya gets huge and needs a large strong support. It's not something that's easily moved and if you are not in a frost free zone should be kept year round in a greenhouse.

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If you are still interested, I have lots of fresh dragon fruit seeds for trade. I'm looking for other jungle cacti seeds, echinopsis seeds, jasmine seeds, stephanotis seeds. You can reach me at

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