Mangosteen Lighting for Cutting

IndyAndyMay 16, 2012

Hi, I live in Indiana in zone 5A and was wondering what kind of light conditions I should give my mangosteen. I know earlier mangosteens need indirect light and more mature ones need more sunlight, but I have a cutting. It is from an 8 year old mature tree, so I am not sure if I am supposed to treat it as a mature tree or not. Right now I have it indoors under a grow light and it seems to like the conditions it is in, but I would still like to move it outdoors. Also, I have a 1 to 2 year old mangosteen seedling, but I think it will go in an almost full shade area.

-Thanks for the advice :]

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I kept my Mangosteen seedling in good shade for a few years and then progressively brightened it over the next few years to direct sunlight. It's over 2 metres tall now.

Another I have on my place was planted by a previous owner is about 5 metres tall, don't know its age, but it's in strong filtered sunlight for most of the day.

Generally seedlings need shade for a few years at least, they're a plant that starts out life under the rainforest canopy and finally emerge through the top. Cuttings, though, could be different. I'd still keep it in shade for about a year or so before slowly bringing it into full sun. They're a beautiful plant, and an absolutely beautiful tasting fruit.

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