Lychee tree soil question

jsvand5May 29, 2008

I just bought a lychee that I am planning to grow in a container because my area gets a bit to cold for them. I was planning on using jungle growth potting mix from Lowe's and add a bit of peat and pine bark. Does this sound like it will work? Any recommendations for a better way to go are appreciated. Anyone have an idea of the soil PH in jungle growth?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

How cold do you get? The weather trend lately will by moving lychee production further and further north.

Not sure on the jungle growth, maybe there is a website that will break down it's components and give you a PH. You could always wet down your mixture and get a reading yourself. I'm betting what you plan will work out fine...just make sure it drains quite well. You may want to add some large particle perlite to the mixture.

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I am in a pretty cold area of FL in Ocala. I get a few nights a year where it gets down in the low 20's and last year even had a night in the upper teen's. I ended up planting it in the ground but I have a 10x10x8 portable greenhouse that I am planning on putting over it on the few cold days in the winter. I have a couple mangoe's, dragonfruit and a guava in pots that will go in there to. I am thinking about picking up another Lychee to try in a pot. I can not decide between Emperor and Hak Ip. Any suggestions? I know most sites say the emperor is best for containers, but it seems like the Hak Ip is better tasting fruit.

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