Need help identifying peach?

rainedaywomanMay 13, 2010

I have a peach trees that sprout up from time to time from heirlooms. Long story short there used to be many peaches lined along my great grandparents old victorian. When doing remodeling the walls were found filled with seeds stored there by various critters over the years. Several years ago a peach tree sprouted up in the middle of a fig tree which stays loaded with the best peaches ever. Anyway. I have started to find what appears to be peach seedlings along the back side of my house against the back wall. We also have oaks that sprout up in this area each spring. anyway. This year I have a hand full of these guys which are different than any others and am thinking/hoping they may be peach. I am hoping someone can confirm that these appear to be peach so I can replant them in a more suitable area.

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sorry couldnt tell you.

it sounds like your property is Eden for plants though, Oak trees fixing nitrogen probably helps

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