Kanap Trees

joanie_pomseed(8)May 25, 2009

Does anyone know where to find information about kanap trees? I've tried lots of search engines, but I've found nothing. Is there another name (or spelling) I should be searching for?

This started because someone I know said he has a kanap tree that's never flowered. Is it possible that the tree is a sterile hybrid of two related species? (Maybe that should go on the Botany forum.)

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Could the tree you are referring to be a Kapok Tree?

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seawolves(8 MS)

Is it possible the tree is the Mamoncillo also know as the genip, we had several in our yard and one was a "male" and it never did bear fruit. here is a link with more info:

Hope this helped

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Thank you. I've confirmed that it is a mamoncillo tree, also called a kenèp tree. I guess 'kanap' is an Anglicized form. Still no clue as to why it's never flowered (though I've found at least one report of a much older mamoncillo that has never flowered), but now I know where to look.

Were your trees in Zone 8, or have you moved since then?

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seawolves(8 MS)

Sorry so long getting back to you. The location is in the southern Bahamas. The last hurricane thru there took out the "Man" tree but the females are still going strong and bearing well. The parrots just love the fruit. But they have stiff competion from my wife and I. I know of no way to tell the difference in the male and female other than if they bear fruit. Good luck.


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