Wanted: Dwarf June plum/ Dwarf Ambarella seeds

soaht(Central CA 9B)February 15, 2013

I don't know if they are in season yet, but I would love to get some seeds if they are and someone can spare some. I would also like some dragon fruit cuttings as well from the variety purple haze, american beauty, Haley's comet, and physical graffiti. I already have some,but most of them either shrivel up and died or rotted except a few that still looks green. I would take as many as you can fit into a medium flat rate box (11"x 8.5"x 5.5") So if you are pruning your dragon fruit and can spare, I would like them please. Of course I can pay shipping fees or buy.

Thanks if anyone can help out,

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You can buy the tree, here is San Diego, I have two trees growing,
1 is the thai variety, which is the small fruit

and 1 is the vietnamese type which the fruit is larger.

I can send to you, when they are ready..

Just let me know.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Thanks for replying, but I no longer live in Ca. Had to recently relocate out of state to the mid west state of Wisconsin.

Though if you aren't charging too much and they are both the dwarf type, I wouldn't mind getting one of them sent to Wisconsin. Unless you were offering for free and only shipping charge LOL................Then I would definitely take one of them :)

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