PhytoremediationFebruary 6, 2014

Hello there,

I have recently discovered Jaboticaba fruit, produced by Myrciaria cauliflora Berg., M. jaboticaba Berg., M. trunciflora Berg. mainly (also commonly known as the Brazilian trunk cherry).

I have a question regarding the marketing and market developments of this fruit and would be extremely grateful if anybody knows of any commercial producers throughout the world and how they are marketing this unique fruit.

Happy Horticulture everyone!

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Don't know of anybody marketing Jaboticaba, but you might be able to get some insight from this article by U of Hawaii.


Here is a link that might be useful: U of H Jaboticaba

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Jaboticaba fruits are out of this world. But they don't last long off the tree. Also, the trees also grow very slowly. These two issues I heard were the primary issues with commercial production of jaboticaba fruits.

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