Mango seed germination?

cannaz(z6 MO)May 5, 2005

I have a few mango seeds I would like to grow. I have seen discarded mango seeds sprouting before but have had little luck at getting them to germinate when I plant them. Any tips on getting them to sprout? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Kameha(z9b/10a Heat:10)

I take them out of the husk and plant them in potting soil about 2/3 covered with soil and just the hump of the mango sticking out of the soil. The more warmth and light you can give them, the better chance for germination success. Don't fret if most of the seedlings die though...mangoes have a very high seedling mortality rate sadly. I only got one of mine to survive but it's growing wonderfully now!

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I peel the outer husk, wrap it in a paper towel, put it in a baggie, & place it in a warm place. Unless the seed is nicked or dead, you should get about sprouting. They plant out well also. Keep it in a pot until it is big  pests in the ground can destroy it.

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The Ziploc bag method. Place a good seed in center of bag buried with about a 1/4 in.of soil over it. Keep bag closed but make sure it is moist. Use seed starting soil (spaghnum and perlite mix). You should not be able to squeeze water out of soil, fill bag half way. I also spray seed with a little fungicide prior to planting. Keep it in a warm place like the garage and or apply bottom heat and it will sprout in about 12 days. It sprouts from one side; cut away bag around sprout to allow it to grow and to keep moist. Transplant when it turns nice and green with roots visible from bottom of bag. Be very careful.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Cannaz, if I can grow a mango here in the UK I'm sure you will succeed also! I had a go at one in mid Jan this year.
I gave my seed no more than a warm airing cupboard and some damp tissue in a sealed plastic tub and it sprouted within a week or so.....there was already a suggestion of a root when I took the 'bean' out of the fibrous cover, so I got a head start, look carefully and you may get one like this ...I have since opened several and seen the same.
They grow in spurts, was ages before the first leaves developed, just had a stem. Month or so goes by , (btw, it's in a 5inch pot) then new set of leaves grows, then another wait and so it is so far with another set of tiny leaves just starting.....good luck! New leaves are very thin, delicate and bronze in colour, mine is a 'Kent' mango.

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I have a sprout growing from my mango seed that is about an inch long. Is it too soon to place it in a pot? DO i plant it side ways?, sprout side up? I'm new too this but love growing. I started a compost pile and an herb garden, now going into fruit. :)

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I have sprouted mango seeds two different ways.
This method was my first attempt and I did it ALL wrong. I planted the seed husk and all in the dirt about 2" deep laying on it's side. I waited & waited, nothing happened, I had done everything wrong. I then learned the "avocado" method was appropriate for sprouting mango. I decided to dig up my mango pit and lo and behold it had a long long root growing from the top and on the underbelly curve a cluster of small roots. I decided to put it back in the dirt with the cluster of roots down & just a hint of the back curve above the dirt, this left the tip of the long root exposed, and within a week the root started to sprout & leaves appeared. To my surprise a week or so later a second plant appeared from the top of the bean next to where the long root had grown. Now it's been a few more weeks and a 3rd plant with little leaves is forming. I don't know if a mango seed usually grows more than one plant or not, but mine did even though I did everything "wrong."

The second way is the same method as sprouting an avocado, stick toothpicks in the bean, (after the husk is removed) just deep enough for the toothpick to stay in the bean, place in a jar of water with the bean in a vertical position, and submerge approximately 2/3 of the bean in water, it takes time so be patient.

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All i did was just opened the seed from the husk (u can even cut the husk about 10% at the corner carefully without cutting the seed inside it will work too). And then buried the seed in soil and kept the soil damp all the time. and after a month and half i saw the plant above the surface. The variety is from "ALPHONSO MANGO" which is most famous in whole India.

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I don't even cut the husk, they germinate easily anyway.

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