Look for Annona diversifolia seeds

indotatloverMay 9, 2008

Hello everybody,

I am new here. Hope you can help me out.

I wonder if anybody know where to get the seeds of Annona diversifolia (ilama) or may be some of you have the seeds and willing to share?

thank you in advance.

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My Annona diversifolia hasn't flowered yet this season, but I'm sure it will. In the fall when the fruit finally ripens, I could send you some seeds.

Right now you might want to check with Garden of Delights a Nursery in FL that sells grafted trees. A grafted tree will most likely give you better fruit.

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Okay, I live in another country and to get a grafted tree from a nursery in US is way out of my hand right now.
I guess I have to ask you to send me some seeds and that means I have to wait until your fruit ripen. Yours, is it grafted trees? what cultivar?

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Mine is a "Pajapita" graft.

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Hello Cagary,
Would you please let me know if you get the seeds out of your tree/fruit? can I send you a private message? if yes, how?
I grow A.squamosa, pineapple, longan, starfruit, S.semarangense, grapevine. They all are in containers.
What other plants/trees do you grow?

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