Delonix regia from seed

farang9May 18, 2009

This beautiful tree (Flame of the Forest or Royal Ponciana) comes in three colour forms - deep red, bright orange and yellow. On a trip up north (to Phitsanuloke) I found all three forms in flower and seed, so collected some seed of each and brought it home. Now (eight years later) the survivors are 20 ft tall and wide, and flowering - but no yellows. However, I do have a red and an orange growing side by side. The individual flowers are very beautiful - five widespread petals, with a white flare on the central one. The Thai name means "Peacock's tail". I will post some poic in the gallery

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Really beutiful trees aren't they? Commonly grown here in S. Florida as street trees . In addition to the red yellow and orange forms ther is also a white form I grew
one from seed but has never flowered definitely not as vigorous as the others. gary

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Here in the 'tropics' of the UK, LOL, I can get them to germinate easily but I never get one past the 1yr mark...but it's fun trying! I realise they need to get very big to flower, but they're so spectacular in real life so guess I will just have to put up with foot high non flowering plants with their ferny foliage till global warming helps me a lot more! Till then I shall continue to experiment.

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I had one that was 4 yrs old grown from seed. I was hoping to get blooms in a few more years but I lost it and many others during a power failure last winter (greenhouse froze). I started more from seed this spring so now it's another waiting game. I don't even know if they'll bloom in a greenhouse. They are gorgeous trees when in bloom.

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This is my second trial of growing Flamboyant Tree. I purchased 30 seeds from an aution site, early Spring. Two of them are 4" tall now.

I have no greenhouse, they will be in our living room in winter.

Wish me luck.

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Senjanevada what kind of winter can you have in zone 11? Why don't you just plant them outside?

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I started one from seed almost exactly a year ago. I picked the seeds up on vacation from St.Lucia they were red flowers. Amazing tree. Tossed the seeds in pots with potting soil end of July, full sun, south facing yard. Seed came up really fast in hot humid Southern Ontario Canada. Winter.. took them in (two of them) south facing window one died near the heat vent. It didn't like the dry air or the cold from the window glass the other managed to survive gave it a nice big pot this year. Put it outside in the end of May. It had lost all it's leaves except the top few sets and never grew and branches. This summer it exlploded lots of lower branches and foliage. Looks great but still a long way to go. Hope this helps.

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Kayin1, I am @ zone 9 now. High-desert California.

My seedlings are doing great. Hopefully will get thru this winter. It'll be great to have Flamboyant Tree in my hot house.

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