Help in identifying disease on my mango tree..

Ricky86February 6, 2012

Hi Everyone

I have this 2 year old mango tree which has been dormant all winter, and has the anthracnose disease, but I am not able to identify the issue in the following picture:

( sorry for the bad quality )

It appears to be a young branch which died while forming, this is on the lower part of the tree, I can see new shoots developing on the lower part but the upper part has this kind of deformation/disease all over and there appears to be no new shoots developing there... Is this also due to the anthracnose disease or perhaps something else?

Any suggestions/ help would be much appreciated!!

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Its hard to tell from the pic but your tree doesn't look too bad. It might not even have anthracnose, those look like burnt leaf tips caused by wind or overfertilization. You should check the undersids of the leaves with a magnifying glass in good light to see if you notice any mites on the undersides of the leaves.

Just to be safe, you can pick up some broad spectrum insect plus disease control. They should have these at Home Depot or your local gardening center. If you want to go the natural route, you may want to try Neem oil.

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Thanks Simon! I could not see any mites on the leaves, but I admit using fertilizers too frequently. I'll be the happiest if my tree has got no serious issues! Can you please tell me where to apply the Neem oil, on the leaves or in the roots?

Also, my tree has got very poor foliage, it is 10 feet in height but not even 2 feet wide from upper middle to lower parts, any suggestions on how to improve this?

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