Dwarf bird of paradise not growing--why?

lilleyl2005(napa)June 14, 2005

When we moved into our house in Napa, we were given a gift of a dwarf bird of paradise. Discovering that they like a well-drained site, I plopped them on the only area of the yard that had any decent drainage--a gentle sloping area that faces south. It sat there for 3-6 months, through fall and winter. Remembering that they liked more sun, I moved them to a sunnier spot of the yard, but unfortunately, it tends to be a bit soggy there. After we immediately transplanted it, it put forth one new shoot, but since then it's just been sitting there. So what gives?

It's clear that the plant is not happy, but what are the problems?

Is it because it is now sitting in a sunny but more soggy location?

Is it lack of fertilizer?

Is it because the springs and summers are too hot and the winters too cold?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Well, soggy is not good- you'll get root rot. Neither is lack of food, but feeding if it stays soggy isn't going to help.
My experience has been that they can be very slow to get established but once they are they are very easy. So moving it the first time slowed it, and now you need to move it again which will be more stress.
I would find it a good permanent home with lots of sun and good drainage. Then leave it alone except for regular watering and and feeding several times a year.

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