Loquat's heat tolerance in the desert

mulleniumFebruary 15, 2011

I just purchased a 5gal grafted gold nugget loquat, and i live about 30miles south of phoenix.. so the heat during summer can get 110-120.. i was reading that they are pretty tolerable but would direct sunlight at those temps harm the tree?

I was thinking partial shade would be ideal, but none of my trees are large enough to provide shade, maybe planting it on the east side of my back yard next to the brick retaining wall would work since it blocks the late afternoon sun as it starts to set? or would planting it on the eastern side of my house be more ideal as that side of the house typically gets 3-4hours max direct sunlight per day? but if I choose the side of the house, wont the loquats roots eventually get too invasive and mess up the houses foundation?

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None of my eight loquats (two cultivars) were damaged by temperatures over 120 degrees in full sun (daily irrigation).

I don't think loquat roots would mess up the houses foundation...

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