multi var same whole PEACHES???

j-growFebruary 27, 2010

any one done this with our low chills?

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I have it with low chill plums, still early though. Two are in flower right now, two not. Will let one hold some fruit this year if it gets some. They are spaced about 3' apart in a square pattern, 3 plums and a plumcot hybrid.


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Gary, what variety of plums are you growing? I just got a 4 in 1 multi graft from bay laurel nursery this weekend. The varieties are,Beauty, Methley, Golden Nectar and I don't remember the other - Burgundy, I think? I am concerned that the Golden Nectar won't do well, because it needs something like 400 chill hours. I figure if 2 out of the 4 make if I am still ahead of the game though. I got the 4-n-1 apple, plum & peach. If they don't survive, it will have been an expensive experiment.

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gary how long have they been in the ground? did your pinnapples survive the freeze? mine all made it but they look like hell!

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

pep, they are the gulf series of low chill plums. One is looking beautiful with tons of white flowers. I have a Scarlet Beauty in the front yard which is probably the same as your 'beauty'. It is excellent, self pollinating, vigorous and productive, and pretty tasty.

jgrow, they've only been growing for a couple years, got them mail order from My pinas got beat up very bad, but some survived, can't be sure yet about them all. I don't expect hardly any fruit this year from them, it's a shame. I harvested 4 or 5 dozen a couple years ago. Glad yours made it, pineapples are so easy to grow, except for these darn freezes.


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ya the freezes are depressing but i faired well this year. i may have a connection on tops if it comes thru i will let you know and you can stick a bunch in the ground. how about your blue berries are they blooming? i read nematodes torcher plems and apricots i am afriad to give them a try

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

If you try plums, use a ton of organic matter and mulch to fight nematodes. My blueberries look generally happy. One is almost 6' tall, most have quite a bit of blooms, and a few fruit. The rabbiteyes haven't done much yet as far as breaking dormancy. I plan allowing about a 50% crop on the blueberries this year, then full crops afterwards.


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gary how did the closely planted stones work out this year. i am thinking of planting some peaches and nectorines in the next few weeks and am trying to decide on spacing.

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