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greenclaws UKzone8aJune 11, 2008

Well, now that I have succeeded in getting a flower spike to form on my Strelitzia R, I am still having problems with the leaves. They are lovely fresh green when they emerge but are and do stay like that for a while. The older ones roll up and are rather sad looking, are also pale and almost yellowish with crispy patches. It was re-potted earlier this season when I saw the flower spike starting as it had developed a bad list to one side and was in danger of toppling over. It's in a rich compost for established plants (John Innes No3, don't know if in the US are familiar with it though) The leaves were like this beforehand. It's in the greenhouse which can get rather hot now the sun has decided to appear here in the UK although I do have roof shades it getting sun-burnt? What is the best place for it? Any advice appreciated! Do they prefer wet/dry at the roots? It's so big it can't live in the house (so my d/h says!) and outside it's far too windy where I live.


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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

SR shouldn't be watered too much if growing in a pot. It's from Africa and is fairly drought tolerant. Maybe that's why the leaves are rolling up. Many plants exhibit the same physical characteristics when underwatered as well as when overwatered. This is not a fussy plant and the leaves on mine never look really that good either. You could probably grow it in the ground in a protected location in your zone. I never protect mine and a little frost damage has no impact for me on the blooms the following fall (which is when mine blooms)


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Hi Gill..If your gh is too hot, this could be one reason your Bird is getting brown patches.
Is there a sheltered spot in the yard, where it'll get fresh air, natural rain, and humidity? I'd think it'd do better outdoors.
Wind can tear leaves, but they also rip naturally. If you place in the ground, your Bird may grow too large. Do you want it getting bigger?
2 years ago I planted 4 baby bananas in the garden, by autumn one was almost 15' tall..LOL..I too have a gh, but it's only 8x12. There was no way the 4 Musas fit.
Plus when plucking out of ground, roots can break..Then there's bugs, (something I don't like.)
I will admit, an earth grown plant is beautiful, but when it's time to bring indoors, whether a gh or a home, there can be problems.
Did the flower fade because you repotted? Toni

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Thanks for the replies...our location is high up and does get very exposed/windy, although we have a 1/2 acre garden we have no where to grow the BoP inground that would be protected enough. I'd hate for it to get it beat-up as I've nurtured it from an almost daed 6in plant from a DIY store to this 5ft giant!! The flower stalk is still growing, no probs with far! Looking forward to the blooms. Guess I should be thankful for the flowers to come and try and ignore the rolled/brown leaves! Here's a pic from last year, it's bigger now, and below is a pic through the g/h window of the emerging flower stalk.

thanks again, Gill.

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Gill, your view is absolutely gorgeous. Are you in UK? I love it.
What size pot was the Bird in last year when the pic was taken? Also, what are the two plants to the right of the Bird? They look familiar..
I understand why you don't want leaves to rip. Congrats on the flower..I'd love seeing when in bloom.

You have quite a few palms in the gh. What's the palm to the left of the Bird in the gh? It's most unusual.
Also, is that a Marsha Washington Geranium in flower? It's so pretty..If it is, are they perrenial or annual? I love geraniums, and considered adding a Martha to those I have.. mine are seedlings and zonals.
Your home is beautiful, Gill..You're blessed..Toni

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Toni, yes rural Midlands area of UK, right out in the 'sticks' as we say here.
Think it was in an 8inch pot, now in 10inch but also deeper and with a 'belly', not straight sided, didn't want to overpot to much.
The 2 tall yellow plants grow wild around here, Verbascum Bombyciferum/Aaron's Rod, self seed all over garden, they're biennials.
Palm to left of bird is seed grown Canary Island date, Phoenix Canariensis, seed picked/sown in Nov 2004 from Lanzarote.
Spikey plant behind bird is also from seed I found, Dracaena Draco/Dragon Tree, same date and origin as above, have 3 of these.
To right is store bought Chamaerops Humilis/Dwarf Fan Palm, I'm into palms also!
White/purple flower, properly known as Pelargonium here, (often called Geranium but they are separate related genus), don't know cultivar, have several from cuttings off my mum's origainal, they're actually perennials although parks depts often grow these and geraniums as annual bedding plants.
There's one of my seedling Plumerias at the front, Callistemon Citrinus/Oz Bottlebrush at the back, some Hoya Carnosa/Krimson Queen vines hanging over the pelagonium and a 'peep' of a Passiflora Caerula/passion flower on extreme left!
As you can see I have it real bad as that's only part of the g/h! I will try anything, the more unusual the better but we have to lag/heat the g/h to frost free during winter. Will post some pics once the BoP blooms and a few more pics for you in a separate post in a min.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I don't know why the lower leaves look like that. I do know that they like to be kept on the dry side. Congrats on the flower spike!

We have a lot of wind here too, it can really beat up the big leaf plants.

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