Red Diamond Tea alert

necia(z7 N TX)April 9, 2008

This may or may not be a scam. I am leaning towards it NOT being a scam. I live in the same town as this Lady and shop at the same grocery store. My DH has had surgery at the same hospital. I am even a memeber of the same TexomaGreen yahoo group as she.

If you or a loved one drinks Red Diamon Tea (we don't) it may be worth looking at.



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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

If nothing else, it is a rather serious, but amusing, look at the incompetence of people.

The problem is, the report should have gone directly to CDC.

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I drink about a gallon a day of the unsweetened. Ain't dead yet!
Tally HO!

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

You might be immortal Tally! That comes from being a nurse too long. LOL! PJ

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I just find it strange that you would register on a garden site to put up your rant about tea. If it smelled like a petrochemical WHY would you drink it? And DUH! all tea leaves are imported. It don't grow here. Car fumes in Asia would have caused increased lead levels in the tea. I don't know how that would have caused the petrochemicals she claims are in there. Poison control is for ACUTE ingestions, they are a call center that tries to help with the treatment of poisonings, they are not a lab, a reporting agency or anything else. And yes, there is the FDA-Food and Drug administration. They take reports of tainted food seriously. Doesn't anyone remember the peanut butter recall last year? Or the strawberry recall a couple of years ago, beef recalls last year, infant formula a couple of years ago...the list goes on and on and on. And do you know how much it costs to do these tests? We're talking tens of thousands of dollars. And she wants the government to do it every time someone thinks something smells or tastes funny. You'd be surprised how many calls we got at poison center with people complaining about bad tastes, smells and then find out they used the soda can to hold paint thinner. Or put bleach in the water bottles.

PJ you might be right, with all the toxic chemicals at work I'm amazed I'm still living. Not to mention I can see Texas City from the house, grew up with lead paint, lead pipes, asbestos, played in what turned out to be a superfund toxic dump site, chased the mosquito truck playing in the chemicals it sprayed behind it, am addicted to OFF (not that low toxic junk either, I want DEET!), drank soda for years and years......I'm tellin' ya' it's the preservatives keeping me alive. LOL!!
Tally HO!

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

"I'm tellin' ya' it's the preservatives keeping me alive. LOL!!"
You're probably right Tally:) Humans are so adaptive it might be true. PJ

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necia(z7 N TX)


You raise some good points. The Texomagreengroup that she registered with is not just for gardening, but for 'green' issues. I talked to someone that works at the hospital that she took her husband to and he said that while he can't comment on the patient, he could tell me that they haven't had anyone that has tested positive for poisoning this year. She may just be a nut job!

And, please don't remind me about chasing the mosquito truck! Ugh! Can you believe that we used to do that? LOL

Happy Gardening,

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denisew(z8 TX)

Chasing a mosquito truck - Yeah, I had that experience once visiting the in-laws in southern Louisiana. We got stuck driving behind one once and the fumes were coming right into our vehicle. I made my husband find a way around that thing so it didn't kill us before we got to where we were going! Ha!

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Still ain't dead, still drinking that Red Diamond Tea. I suggest the unsweetend, it doesn't have those toxic additive. Talked to a friend in poison control, they haven't heard anything about it.
Tally HO!

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necia(z7 N TX)

Tally, I may just have to try some, myself! I really have never cared for tea out of a can or bottle. I much prefer fresh-brewed. My teenaged DD loves Arizonia Tea in a can. YUK! LOL

Happy Gardening,

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I agree on teh Arizona tea, YUCK! And that sweet leaf stuff!!! Someone gave me a glass without warning me, I couldn't even spit fast enough, like drinking a big glass of sugar. They don't even make an unsweetened tea. If you read the labels on most of those things the first ingredient is sugar. Tea is waaaay down the list.
Can't beat the price or how easy it is, and it tastes fresh-brewed. I keep a gallon at work, a gallon at home & another gallon at Jims house. One of the docs I work with is almost as big of a tea junkie as I am & I share with him. Neither of us is dead yet. Or even ill for that matter.
Tally HO!

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I'm the webmaster behind the Red Diamond tea website. I am not a nutjob. Someone reporting on a legitimately tainted food product is not necessarily crazy.

My husband was diagnosed as a "poisoning." How any hospital can claim they didn't have "anyone test positive for poison" in a given year is preposterous. Children are always being admitted for one form of poisoning or another. I know, I was a pediatric nurse for many years. You got bad information.

The hazardous chemicals found in the Red Diamond tea are not as vaporous when they are cold. Anyone could drink the tea and not notice the fumes if the tea was cooled enough.

Hey, you want to keep drinking the stuff, go ahead, but some people might want to know what could be in it so they can make an informed decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Diamond Tea is Toxic

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Hello, I'm a 16 year old who lives in North Central Oklahoma. I drink a lot of Red Diamond sweet tea. I buy it every morning at school. I first noticed something was wrong about 3 weeks ago when I realized the tea tasted different. There was a bitterness within the sweetness. I just ignored it and kept drinking it, thinking maybe they just added something new or it was just a bad bottle. After school that day I felt really lightheaded and dizzy. Everything seemed really funny and I couldn't stop laughing. After a few minutes it got to the point to where I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard. Finally my friends started slapping me on the back to try to get me to breathe. After it was over, I went to dinner and just ignored what happened. The next week in my 2nd period class, right after I finished half my bottle, I got a weird feeling in my stomach. Like a tickling feeling. The dizzyness came back, and I'd laugh over nothing every few minutes or so. During my 3rd period class the feeling kept strengthening and it moved out of my stomach and into what felt like my lower intestines or something. During this whole time I kept drinking more and more tea (not realizing it was the tea causing it). It just kept getting worse. After about an hour of feeling completely abnormal and laughing hysterically, my nipples became extremely sensitive. When that happened, I got up and ran to the bathroom. My breathing kept speeding up, my heart starting racing. After a minute or two a teacher came in to check on me. He asked if I was alright, but I could barely speak. My speech was slurred. So he walked me downstairs to the office to have the nurse look at me. I kept stumbling and falling because I was feeling really dizzy. I couldn't take 3 steps without falling. When I got down to the office it had gotten to the point to where I was hyperventilating. I was still laughing like a madman and my hands and cheeks had gone numb. I called my parents to come pick me up. The nurse gave me a paper bag to breathe into. I still couldn't stop laughing, and it kept switching back and forth from crying to laughing. I couldn't control myself. Eventually my Dad showed up to take me to the ER. They had to wheel me out of the school on a wheelchair. At the ER, they didn't know what was going on. So they assumed I was on drugs, and so did my parents. And for the record, I've NEVER been on drugs. I won't even drink alcohol. The drug tests came back clean, so they just labeled it as an anxiety attack and told me to go home. I was completely freaked out the rest of the day. And it turned out that a lot of kids at school saw the whole thing, so it was hard to show my face at school the rest of the week. For the next week and a half I noticed that everyday I bought the little bottles of Red Diamond Sweet Tea, the feeling came back. It would stop after about an hour once I stopped drinking the tea. Luckily, I never finished a bottle so the strength of the attack wouldn't get very high. Other people at my school have been getting sick after drinking the tea (but nothing like what I went through. They just complained of feeling sick to their stomach), and everyone has noticed that it smells weird now. The big gallons I have at home don't do this to me, it's just the small bottles.

Has anyone else noticed any of these things? Any information would be much appreciated.

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I liked that part about the TCEQ. That agency is a joke and should be abolished. As anyone who has ever attempted to get them to do anything about specific cases of pollution or contamination of the waters in our state could probably testify to. They exist solely for the interests of developers and commercial businesses, IMHO. And the government of Texas does tend to be pro-business, pro-developer and opposes most things that protect the environment, again IMHO. You have my sympathy about this.

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I AM a nurse, no used to be, no might be, no nurses aide, no LVN, I'm a REGISTERED NURSE, have been for 28 years. Worked in ICU, ER, OR, pediatrics... and now I work in POISON CONTROL. There ain't nothin', nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, NO documented cases, no reports in the literature, no reports to any poison control centers, no calls even and believe you me we document everything, nothing on the CDC website...

And what do you mean hospitals don't have anyone test positive for poison? That's a ridiculous statement. Acetominophen is a poison and they test for that every single day. What kind of a diagnosis is "poisoning"?? People test positive for lead, a "poison", for arsenic, carbon monoxide...oxygen is a poison in the wrong concentration.

And what would be the point of covering up something like this? It will come out eventually and then would cost the company more money than if they had a recall.

Watch out for squirrels.
Tally HO!!

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Anyone dead yet from the tea? Drank a gallon in the past 2 days and still here.
Tally HO!

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