pruning jacaranda

vandevyvere(+- 8)June 6, 2011


i've grown a Jacaranda form seeds 5 years ago. Since about two years it has grown very rapidly which makes me wonder if I should prune it. It is now about 6 feet with a bunch of leaves on top. I have to put the plant indoors in winter because it will freeze to death otherwise so I cannot let it grow till 12 or 15 feet because I won't be able to put it inside.

Is it advisable to prune at about 5 feet and hope there will grow branches with beautifil leaves? I'd hate to lose this magnificent plant. I love it so much.

thank you for your reply.

Kind regards


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Mmmm...well I don't know very much about Jacaranda as housplants, but I have one in my yard. They are large trees when planted outside. If you prune it it will put out new branches below the cut, but these will want to grow tall too. If you cannot let it get to 12 feet then I guess you will have to prune it and see what happens.

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