Where to get Star fruit , barbados or Surinam Cherry plants?

mms_727February 18, 2009

Hey! I'd love to start growing these plants (starfruit, barbados cherry, surinam cherry), but all the plants online seem really expensive (like $30 or more +shipping). Is there somewhere to get these for less?

Thanks for any info!

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murahilin(10 fl)

Where do you live? In some states there are nurseries that will sell these plants. Otherwise you could possibly order the seeds online or find someone willing to trade with you for the plant.

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Your best bet is pine island nursery in FL (unless you live in CA). Most of their plants are $25 each. If you buy in even numbers shipping is a bit cheaper per plant but still pretty costly. If you can find a place that ships bare root you may find them a bit cheaper, but I have bought from quite a few places and pine island has the best prices on grafted plants that I have found. Their plants are top notch as well and they have pretty much any tropical fruit tree you can imagine aside from the ultra rare stuff. If you don't care about getting a large grafted tree than Ebay actually has some decent deals sometimes.

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If I were to get seeds...Are these hard to germinate/raise from seeds?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Seeds are fine in most cases but keep in mind that it may take a lot of years before you ever see fruit. Also, there is no guarantee that the fruit will be any good... as some do not grow true to type. Jsvand5's advice above is good.

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murahilin(10 fl)

They are generally easy to germinate if you get viable seeds, but like Jay said they might not come true to type. Then you'd be stuck with a bad tasting fruit. If you don't care much about the fruit quality you can grow them from seed.

If you want a good tasting fruit that will bear fruit sooner I would take Jsvands advice and buy from pine island or another reputable nursery. The price you pay for a grafted tree is definitely worth it. You also won't have to wait years. If you were to buy a Barbados cherry from pine island most likely it would have fruit or fruit the same year for you as opposed to waiting 2-3 years for fruit from seed. The same goes for the other trees.

If you are still interested in some seeds let me know. I could probably send you some for free.

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Thanks for all the help! I checked out Pine Island and didn't see exact shipping prices- except that it's usually under $90 in the states. Am I missing something?

Murahilin- If you really don't mind, I'd live to get some seeds to start off with and I'll save up some more money for more plants later (already bought a couple plants recently so...should prob wait a bit). My email is mms_727@hotmail.com


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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

The starfruit and surinam cherry should come good from seed if it came from a tasty parent. Barbados cherry, no.

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I would just give them a call to find out the exact shipping cost. If I remember correctly it cost me $35 to get 2 plants shipped to me (they ship 2 per box), but I am sure it may be different shipping them way up to you. I am in FL so they don't really have far to travel to get to me from PI.

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