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andrew78(6)February 21, 2011

I have decided to givfe lychee another shot this year. I went to lychee online and found that they are now offering jackfruit on a pre order basis. I have never bought from this company and I would like to consider it but a whole jackfruit would be pretty darn expensive right? has anyone done this before?


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Considering the high prices they charge for their lychees I would imagine the jackfruit will be equally expensive. Personally I would not pay a high price for a fruit if you have never tried it before. It would suck to pay $75 or so (just a guess) for a fruit and you end up not liking it. I would maybe consider it if you could get it for under $40 shipped but I am willing to bet they will be quite a bit more than that.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

andrew, do you have Asian or Indian grocery markets where you live? They sell jackfruit in sections for $2/pound. You can visit a few to check if they have them. Not worth that price.

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andrew- cant see a whole jackfruit costing less than $200 from LO including the shipping. and jackfruit is not the type of fruit that most people like to eat a ton of. its nice for a snack, but its not the type of fruit you can gorge on like mangoes or lychees or mangosteen

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Thanks everybody for your input. I really appreciate it. It seems I will be doomed to never try this fruit, well anytime soon that is!

Hi Ashley,
I don't have any Asian or Idian stores in my area. I live in a small college town. I did go to an asian store in Buffalo but I didn't find any jackfruits but then again, I don't know exactly when to look either.

Hi lycheeluva,
I actually do know someone who did exactly what you desrcibed. They sat down to a small size fruit, cut it open and ate the whole thing, but it was like 3 or 4 people. I wish I could have had it sent to me but my friend didn't seem to think that the fruit will still be any good by the time it got here.

I am planning on a trip to South Florida this summer so maybe if I am lucky I will get to try it. I have a seedling that I got from Jacob. This tree will more than likely be nothing but a nice ornamental. However, this spring I will be getting a nice grafted Golden Nugget jackfruit. Jay told me that I would have a decent shot at getting this one to fruit.


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