Wax jambu advice needed

TealGardenFebruary 23, 2012

Hi all, I've recently purchased a wax jambu plant and noticed the leaves brown, yellow and fall off. I also noticed the leaves having spots that look a bit burnt. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe still in shocked from shipping and replanting. I used organic miracle-gro potting soil and have it in a room by the window. If anyone has expoerience growing these and can help me any advice would be greatly appreciatred. Thank you in advance.

yellowing in stem of leaf, eventually falling off :(

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Hello Tealgarden,

I have a couple of Wax Jambus too and I wouldn't worry about what you are seeing. I would say it is either from transplant shock or the cold weather. Both of mine are like 4'-5' feet tall and lose almost all their leaves each year due to the cold. The turn brown, get that same dried up look and spotting, and then fall off.

However, they are extremely resilient plants, probably the most resilient plants I have and always bounce back every spring with more leaves, flowers, and fruit than the year before. I think your plants are just fine and will bounce back. Keep them out of full sun for the time being while they are recovering/adjusting. You should see tons of new leaves within the next couple of weeks as the weather warms.

- Jacob

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Jacob, Where are you folks? I am in Glendale Arizona and would love to grow Jambus. I haven't been able to find out if they will grow here or much of anything else except that I loved them when I was in Thailand.


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What kind of soil do you use for repotting the wax jambu. I too got recently got a wax jambu.

Where in the country are you? I see you are in zone 13.

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I planted a red wax jambu tree 5 gal purchased 3 years ago from LA Mimosa Nusery. The tree is healthy with lots of leaves however it has been shedding leaves every winter since I got it. It has not flowered since I planted it 3 years ago. The tree is now about 7 feet tall. I live is Southern California. What type of care does the tree need such as pruning, fertilizer..?

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I do not have this type of fruit tree, but I live in zone 9 (Orlando FL) and when my fruit trees begin doing this (usually real hot sunny days) I mist the leaves. This seemed to stop it. I mist 2-3 times a day when it is really hot (morning, mid day and around 6pm).

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