Can birds nest fern fronds be used like Taro/banana/Ti leaves?

stanofhFebruary 8, 2012

I was wondering-we had enough frost this year to take out banana..but not Ti leaves. And the wife is cooking a Filipino dish. I cut some Ti leaves..but I 'm eyeing even larger Birds nest fern leaves that I have. Anybody know if they can be used to wrap and cook food in?

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I can't comment with a scientific point of view, but as far as traditional knowledge goes, ferns are toxic and must be processed in order to be edible. I wouldn't recommend eating any part of a Bird's Nest fern or including it in any food recipe.


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I should have explained that they would have been used as wrappings..not actually eaten. Taro leaves used as wrappings is common,but I think the leafs themselves are not edible. I could be wrong. Considering the commonness of Birds nest ferns..I thought Aussies or Pacific Islanders might have known of them used in ethnic cooking.

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stanhopea(10/24 CA)

In Taiwanese aboriginal communities,the leaves are picked before they uncurl fully and stir fried. Although I am aboriginal Taiwanese, I have never tried picking the leaves myself. Considering that many ferns become more toxic as they mature, I wouldn't use mature bird's nest fern leaves.

If you happen to have any Hedychium or Alpinia, their leaves make good wrappers and add a nice flavor to the food. My grandmother used to make these tamale like things with sticky rice and millet wrapped in Alpinia leaves.

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