Suebelle is popular...

stanofhFebruary 21, 2014

My wife took some fruit to her co workers who are from Mexico and they loved them and have asked for more. When I got that tree about 30 years ago,it was because my old Sunset book raved at the custard like taste and "all year" fruit production from Suebelle. Sure enough,it has ripe fruit all year..just dangling next to green fruit and other branch tips have flowers.
One thing too..the last few years I've pruned it like you would a shrub...used hedge shears along with pole pruners to keep her from taking over the whole yard. And that's when we started to see larger fruits..more baseball sized then before when we got the all sizes.
I know there will never be a commercial White Sapote market..then can spoil in days...but if your getting them all least you don't wait long to pick.

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OMG, a 30 years old sapote must be a huge tree!!! My 11 yrs old Suebelle is 12" at the base. I guess it depends on the climate too; I'm in 91501.

Do all of your ripe fruits have yellow and might be little orange color? I find those with bright yellow toward orange are the best tasting sapote.


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She's not huge. I topped her and I also hedge around the canopy. The trunk is about as wide as yours..2' diameter?. Suebelle is a "dwarf" White Sapote. But had I not ever pruned her I think the tree would still not be large for for most yards. 25x25?..for me,that's too big. So,i prune.
Not huge,and has ripe fruit just about all year. And we have enough for us...

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can you comment on your fruit color and taste?

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