Night blooming Jasmine

bindu(z5 Il)June 20, 2005

I have a night blooming Jasmine that is just beautiful but this year it did not flower. It is as green as it can be but no flowers. What should I do? Please help. Thanks.

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Is it getting enought light and proper food?

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I have a cecile brunner rose intertwined with mine and gave the rose (and the jessamine, by default) Bayer three in one systemic rose and flower food. It responded with extra blooms this year, but it only just started blooming a week or two ago. No buds?

Mine gets a ton of water, too, because our next door neighbors dont have plumbin and their kitchen sink waste water goes right to the roots.

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Mine never flowers until late summer, August, when the heat forces the blooms.

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birdlady_liz(z9a cntrl Fla)

cestrum nocturnum (night blooming jasmine) needs to be topped once in awhile, this keeps it bushy and encourages blooming, We grow ours in morning sun and afternoon filtered light here in central Florida and feed a time released 13-13-13 balanced fertilizer (nutricoat)and they do great.

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My night bloomer also gets cut back every year due to winter damage,early spring she grows fast. ours started blooming about a week ago. When we go into our swimming pool or sit in the back porch the fragrance is just so wonderful.
I give her rotted horse manure and once in a while Miracle grow.She also gets morning sun only.

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bindu(z5 Il)

Thank you all I have had great suggstions. I have implemented many of them but I still do not know what is to top off. Also where would I buy horse manure? Thanks everyone.

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I have a night blooming jasmine that I prchased from an online nursury this spring. It was about 6 inches tall when I received it and has doubled in size in about 6 weeks. My problem is that I recently noticed that the plant has a sticky white paste at a lot of the nodes and on several leaves. Since I've noticed it, swarms of ants which seem to be attracted to the paste, have invaded the plant. It gets full sun and plenty of water. It seemed to be doing great until a week ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am a big fan of night blooming jasmine and this is my first plant.

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bindu(z5 Il)

That sticky stuff is aphids I think. I have tried safer soap or also the light mineral oil works great. Youu spray it and after a day wash it water. It cleans up really well. Good luck.

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

My cestrum nocturnum blooms on the most hideously humid hot nights in mid to late summer. They bloom on new growth so if you cut (top off) them now, you may have to wait until they put out new growth and buds. However, they do grow fairly quickly. I usually cut mine back in winter here in Louisiana.

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Thanks for the suggestion ,bindu, I'm going to try the soap today.

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My night jasmine also usually blooms in late summer (August-September), this year with the tropical humidity it was blooming by mid June. Are you sure your jasmine Cestrum is not potbound, they are very fast growers. Good luck!

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texasislander(z9 coastal TX)

I have found that they love lots of water, especially rain. Mine bloom from early spring until the first frost after every heavy watering or rainfall. I have to prune them back about twice a year to be able to walk past them. If you put them in the ground with lots of cow manure and organic material, they'll bloom beautifully for you!

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my night blooming jasmine is growing in hanging basket get plenty of water(every other day )and I also give it water soluble bloom booster once every 7-10 days.Got maybe 6 hours of direct sun and leaves started to look very week and possibly sun burned so I moved it now it get maybe 3 hours of filtered to direct light in the morning . It looks a little bit better but leaves still look very thin and translucent .Someone please help I really would like this plant to bloom at least once this summer I'm really looking forward to this wonderful scent

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

This year I have tried using bloom booster on my night blooming jasmines. Thye respond within a week or two with buds. Usually mine didn't bloom here until later in the summer but since I have been using the bloom booster, I have already had 2 flushes of flowers so far this year! Go figure :)

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I'm so envious . Mine on the other hand is still not looking to well leaves are very wrinkled looking and yellow I don't know whats wrong with it.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I find it to be quite an upright shrub that will get quite large. It has a large root system and would probably be better suited for a large pot rather than a hanging basket (IMHO.) It sounds like it may be getting too much water and/or fert (twisted leaves), try letting it dry out a little in between waterings. I know the sun is much more intense in TX than here in LA but I think they need more sun than 3 hours of filtered sun to bloom.I would repot it in rich potting mix with lots of perlite added for good drainage ( I just use a MG/perlite mix).Then gradually move it into at least full morning/early aft. sunlight.
After you first repot, it will take a little time for the roots to fill up the pot (they will bloom better slightly potbound), but after that it should bloom a lot better for you and there is certainly still time in the season.
They bloom best on new growth so don't cut off the new growth for shaping purposes until late fall after it is through blooming. That is all I can think of for now.
My .02Cents-

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SJN, thanks so much for your feddback I will definetly follow your advice And keep you updated. How often and how much should I water and fertilize?

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I live in Jerusalem and have a Night Blooming Jasmine which is flowering ALL THE TIME. We are lucky here with all the sun we get.

However, recently my plant's leaves have been soft and yellowing...and then dropping off. I suspect I am watering it too much. Most web-site suggest not to 'overwater' but to water regularly. Obviously, I don't know what regularly means...or how much water each time.

Would appreciate any help on this.


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kes_cor(Z5 Chicago, IL)

My night blooming Jasmine blooms when it has root room. If I leave it in the pot which I over wintered it, i get a few blooms. When I transplant it to a larger pot + 2 sizes or plant in the ground they go crazy. I live in Zone 5 and they'll start blooming in mid july.

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water when dry only and it should be happy

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Hi - my previously beautiful night jasmine's leaves are turning yellow and subsequently dropping off (we have had a big wet season and are on clay soil so I think from previous comments it may be too wet). Is there anything I can do to help it? Should I cut back the leafless branches?

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Hi Bindu

I had the same problem as you with our night blooming jasmin or lady of the night as it is sometimes called.
We have many of them that flowered the first year we bought them but then nothing for a few years. :(
We carefully watered them and took care of them fertilised them etc.. Lovely healthy strong plants that get bigger and bigger, but no flowers????

So I really feel for you. what a disappointment, having such a wonderful plant and not enjoying the smell of its lovely flowers.

We asked the flower shops etc no luck. No-one anywhere seemed to know

Then... a miracle... by chance, I met a tree doctor phd and so on.
I now understand the priciples and would like to share them with you.

Appart from other things your plants need, there are 3 basic foods for you to fertilise them with. If you have been using manure, you will get lots of green growth but no so many flowers.
Here's why.

Nitrogen promotes green growth. manure is high in this and lower in the others. I tried horse, sheep, chicken, cow you name it...Wrong::

Phosphoros promotes flower growth

Potasium helps them to stay healthy and strong.

So, when you want the plant to grow bigger. Feed it nitrogen./ manure.

When you want it to flower, feed it phosphoros.
thats the secret for making plants flower.

You can buy these things ready made in a few ways.
Liquid form. Put it in the water when you water them.
It is absorbed most quickly this way.
Fertiliser. looks like soil. The pack will give you 3 number. i.e. 5-20-5. this would be the sort of ratio you need to make it flower. The numbers mean first number 5= 5% nitorgen second number 20=20% phosphoros third number 5 =5% potasium. it might be 10 40 10 etc its the ratios you must look for and its not an exact science.
You can also find slow release phosphoros pelets to put in or in the soil.
Remember to read the packet and be patient. do not over do it or put extra or more often than reccomended as it can kill the plant. Remember, its not the poison that kills you, its the dosage..Better to little than too much. (Remeber that rule)

You can apply this principle to all your plants. Phosphoros also applies for fruit of course.
Watering them is also important. they like soil that drains well and if its too wet they die. water once a week in winter and every 2or 3 days in summer or a little bit but often.

I hope this help you and you have lovely flowers on it next season:)

Best of luck


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For those of you that like flowers that smell at night I would like to reccomend a couple of others for you.
I have, in my garden, another wounderful plant called " Angel Trumpet"

They are beautiful to look at and have an icredible smell that that drifts on the breeze as the Night blooming jasmin does. It fills the garden with its scent.I'm sure you will love it. I do. In fact, I want to drown myself in it somehow.

You may also like
" Moon Flower" Opens at night and you can wach it open before yor eyes within seconds( Really Amazing ) Stuff your face in it to really enjoy it.
"Evening Primrose Oenothera"

These are my favourites. If you would like to know of any more let me know.

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