dangsr_growMarch 6, 2008

Has any of you heard of a tomato named ATKINSON, if so tell me about it, like how you rate it along with other toms.

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I too would like to hear from others who have grown them.

I just bought some plants myself. I only got five out of the nine planted. Cutworms got two of those. The three that have survived have taken root and look nice so far. Two in Black Kow bags and one in ground. They have survived the few significant temp dips here in N Florida with no obvious signs of stress. They have been planted about three weeks so far.

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Some time in 2006, a gardener at Dave's Garden was searching for the Atkinson Tomato Seed. From what I understand only seven generations of this seed was produced and then discontinued. One of the posters, Ella, took this on as a project and eventually found an unopened cannister of seed. She shared seed with me and others at DG. Last season I shared seed with Merlyn Niedens and he grew the Atkinson for Baker Creek and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. It feels good to see a good tomato back in circulation again.

"The Atkinson tomato is a medium sized fruit with excellent old time taste. Other than Brandywines and Caspian Pinks they, along with Homestead, are the best tasting tomatoes. They are indeterminate and grew out of attempts to improve the Rutgers tomato."

Plant Files - Dave's Garden: Farmer Dill
"A 1966 round red from Auburn University. Fruits average 12 ounces. Originally a green wrap shipper now a home garden cultivar."

Atkinson Tomato
Description - Red, indeterminate, 75 days, vigorous, heavy foliage, firm, smooth light red flattened globes, 6-16 ounces, from Hastings Seed Company back in 1984, originally developed by Auburn University for southern climate.

Atkinson (AU 22 and STEP 500) - Breeder: Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Vendor: Corneli Seed Co. Characteristics: indeterminate vine, strong; fruit meaty, large to 1.1 pounds, small core, good color and flavor, green shouldered; suitable for green wraps, fresh market, and home gardens. Resistance: nematodes and fusarium wilt race 1. Similar: Marion. Adaptation: southeastern U.S. Atkinson tomato, Auburn Agr. Expt. Sta. Leaf. 73, Nov. 1966.
Veg Cultivars, Tomato (A-I)
Adaptation: southeastern U.S. Atkinson tomato, Auburn Agr. Expt. Sta. ... Vendor: Stokes Seeds. Parentage: Veeset x (Roma VF x H 1350 x High Crimson) x

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This is what I found upon doing a search. I am new to all this and only started attempting (with very little success) last season. will try again though!

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I just got my Atkinson seeds yesterday. I got them from Dave's Seeds and Plants on eBay. Don't know if this is the same Dave from or not, but hope it is. I had ordered the Atkinson and Super Sioux and got a package of Oxheart for free. I have order from him before and have never been disappointed. I'm really looking forward to the Atkinson tomato.

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I just bought Atkinson in 9 packs at Home Depot today. glad to hear it might be worthwhile :)

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I see this is an old thread, but I just saw it and wanted to say that I've been saving my own Atkinson seed for nearly 30 years. I started from 2 nursery plants. The first ones had green shoulders, but I managed to breed that out within a couple of years. I love these tomatoes - delicious, meaty, and vigorous.

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